Yet console?

Interesting. I’m surprised we didn’t hear much since it was at E3. So what are your thoughts. Sounds feasible, but with how rapidly PC hardware changes, it seems to have little chance.

Hmmm Smells like scam to me.

But seriously, one would have to install the programs, considering they’re put into CDs usually in a compressed form.

Even IF they could do it, imagine the loading time. And the controller could never take the place of a mouse and/or keyboard.

Nope, I doubt this.

Originally posted by StarStorm
Hmmm Smells like scam to me.

It was at E3. If you look at the list of things present at E3 it was there. I actually prefer a controller to a mouse and keyboard (the reason I rarely play PC games).

Hmmm missed that bit, thought you said it wasn’t.

Perhaps, I don’t know. But it seems it would be hard. Perhaps it would work better, but it just comes to me: Why not jsut get a PC?

This is promising every game though it seems. I’d like to know though, how it would take care of the game CDs without hellish loading times. Maybe with a hard drive, but…

And with so many games being mouse driven, the controller may not be so hard, but several games make use of the Keyboard too.

And I’d love to see if (and how) it woudl handle multiplayer…

Well, a good PC is REALLY expensive. If this consile is fairly cheap in compairison, it could work.
And it would have to have ports so you can connect a keyboard, mouse OR controller, as needed.

I think its a scam. PCs require hardware for a reason. As for the E3 comment, The Phantom was supposed to be at fucking E3 8P. Gimme a break.

We would have heard about it long ago if it was actually a working console. I call BS, just like the Phantom.

Edit: Also console companys get their revenue through licensing, not hardwear sales. So if they are making it PC compatable they better be able to take a huge hit to any revenue they may get.

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
And it would have to have ports so you can connect a keyboard, mouse OR controller, as needed.

If you look at the E3 article, you’ll see a picture where it shows that it does have those ports.

That means nothing as it doesn’t provide an explanation of how their system works. I remember when the first GBA emulator came it out - the one that came out before the GBA itself. They said it emulated GBA games and said it worked as it got a screen up; it just needed some extra work as all emulators do. It was a scam. This is too vague, too strange and there are way WAY WAAAAAAAY too many potential variables that makes the games differ from one another. Think softare interaction and compatibility folks.

Sounds like it could be promising, but I don’t know. I hardly know of any PC games I’d actually like to play like that.

But you never know, this may not ever come out.

Well, it would give me a good reason to tell my mom that a computer is a toy :hahaha; .

Sounds fake to me. I doubt it could really work. If it did, it would rock though.

If this is real then you’ve made my day, I can’t play many PC games on my ‘PC’.

What about games you can play on-line, such as FFXI?

Uh…you can play FFXI online with PS2. You just need a modem. The same for this console, too, if it does work.

Personally, I think this is a stupid idea. So you’re basically buying a PC that DOESN’T function as a tool and simply as a gaming machine. Why not just buy a computer? It’s upgradable and does more that play video games. Computers can last you several years before needing upgrades. This would probably follow the 3 year cycle of video game consoles.

Theres some more info about it in the new EGM issue.