SG’s diggers are back. Now Dai just needs to start frequenting the forums again and it’ll be a perfect day. I miss that kid.

If you’re talking about Manus, he was around earlier today.

It isn’t the same thing without Dark, Saladin and Jabricruds.

No, not “Dei.” “Dai.” Dai Ryuujin was before your time, but he’s the coolest guy ever. Like, you think the mods are cool? No way, they’ll probably just close this thread on a whim, and that is the zenith of uncoolness. Dai on the other hand, was wonderful.

Dai is snuggly ^^
snuggles Dai ^^

I noticed the diggers. Ah, days of old. I remember that was how i identified who SG was, by that sig when I was new.

I thought you were here long before the diggers, Eva. It feels like you’ve been here since the EZBoards.

And yes, the diggers rock.

I miss Saturn.

How old are the diggers anyway? As far as I remember, SG brought them in after I joined in Feb 03.

EDIT: Eva can’t be that old since her account was deleted on the Second Collapse.

I’m hurt no one’s mentioned me yet. ;_;

Then start posting again. kicks Jiharn for good measure

Dai needs to hold hate better. Stupid Paladin.


Fine, then. I’ll go post a few more times, just to make you happy, Sin. goes off to write three word posts, creep people out, then disappear into the chatroom again

They’d been idle too long, same with my old avatar. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the support, though, Hades! :smiley:


Awwww…thanks, Shin. loves Shin

Now if only more girls would say that…no, I don’t meaning anything by that. I just…want to be welcome? >_>

Heh, I see Dai on AIM all the time. I used to talk to him a lot too. Kind of wore off. Do you need his AIM? O.o; I remember I’d always refer to him as her. >.>;

Hades, you forgot Sat. For shame!

Pshshshsh! What did Sat ever do? He was just some geeky guy who worked at a gaming store!

lol, I remember hitting up #hmongtalk with Dai a few times. Oh, the memories.

But Hades, wasn’t that enough for us to remember him?