We’ve finally caught Martha Stewart.

Thats right, she may go to prison for up to 30 years!


She’s got a lot of money; if O.J. can walk, so can she.

She’ll probably make a lifelike dummy of herself out of pinecones and cornhusks, then escape through the tunnel she made.

O.J. Got out in Criminal, Kraken, but he got caught in Civil (I believe).

All that means is that Stewart won’t have to dodge a criminal conviction first.

This is BS. The Enron folks need to go to the slammer first.

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This is BS. The Enron folks need to go to the slammer first.


I don’t really pay attention to this kind of stuff. I don’t really care either. All I think is that if she has done a bad crime then get her ass in jail.:stuck_out_tongue: :fungah:

I don’t really follow this stuff either…but I always thought that there was SOMETHING evil about Martha… :o

Are they going to take her show off the airwaves is the question I’m asking.

If she gets convicted, yes.

Meanwhile, they’ll pull reruns out of their asses, and if she doesn’t get convicted, she’ll get her show back. What did she do anyway?

She had insider information that a stock of hers was going down, so she sold it before she would have lost money. Enron if I remember corectly.

Meh, I believe her excuse was that she had instructed her buyer/seller type person to sell if it hit a certain low. That is a load of bullcaca.

I bet you that if Martha Stewart was a man, she would have gotten away with this- just like ALL the businesssmen.

looks very confused and realizes why it’s a good thing to watch the news

She probably won’t get convicted, but think about how damaged her reputation will be…


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looks very confused and realizes why it’s a good thing to watch the news

Exactly what I was just thinking!!:hyperven:

Hopefully these court cases will knock some sense into the woman and she’ll cease most of the irrelavent shit she comes up with nowadays.

Thank God this menace to our righteous and upstanding society has been removed from the public. I can walk down the streets at night feeling safer than before knowing that Martha Stewart has been arrested for her heinous crimes against humanity…


RPT: Well, you know how it works with white collar crime in our fair nation: The more money you steal, the less criminal it is. Since Martha didn’t take it to the extreme degree that the Enronites did, she’s busted. They aren’t.

See, if you steal a ridiculously high ammount of money, you can shell out a bunch of it as bribes to key players, and be safe to enjoy the ill-gotten remainder.