Yep, it rocks :-)

…The new Doctor Who, that is. Far from the fears that Billie Piper would be too teeny-bopper as an assistant (could she be any worse than Screamin’ Mel? No.) and the Chris Eccleston would be too much of a northern git to be the Doctor, both have proven absolutely perfect in their respective roles. Chris has the energy and wit of all the Doctors of the past. Some great lines- such as explaining away his accent to Rose by saying “lot’s of planets have a North” (a concept I find very reassuring, btw), and “nice to meet you, Rose Tyler. Run for your life!”- Show that Chris has the character of the Doctor absolutely perfectly, while injecting his own custom brand of mischief into the role. :slight_smile: And what of Billie? Well, she holds her own perfectly, equalling the Doctor in terms of wit and, yes, action too. If I had to give this new series a rank, it’d have to be a 2. As in “Episode 2, now, now, NOW!” :smiley:

I haven’t seen any Doctor Who stuff in years, glad the series is gong on. BUT! I hear this is a REMAKE, not a continuation… and that they won’t have any Daleks! BLASPHEMY!! :eek:

I missed it but in Promo’s there are Darleks seen with Chris Eccleston, and the RT has them in both Episode 6 and 12 in there guide.

I watched Johnthan (w)Ross

Haven’t seen the new one, and I haven’t seen much of the old one, but I will say that I’m sure the special effects will be better. In the sense that, in the old version, the special effects couldn’t get much worse.

Yar: True, I remember one episode with aliens that looked like they had green spagetti in their heads. :slight_smile:

BUT, that’s just it- DESPITE low SFX, Dr. Who still managed to tell some kickass Sci-Fi stories. Trust me, the Doctor Saga is far more complex (and original) than most people think.

BN: …But are they still shaped like giant SALTSHAKERS?

Exterminate, exterminate! :slight_smile:

I found it to be a little frantic and fast for my tastes, although I guess that’s to be expected since it’s the first ep in the series, so a lot of stuff has to be injected quickly. Still can’t wait for episode 2 though.

Should of been longer that’s only problem I saw with it. We now have a doctor!!


ep 2 should be better now that they’ve rushed through introductions. it would have worked much better as an hour-long episode really.

Yup, there is just some Minor Modifications, and only if you look closely!! I mean, the changes are that Not noticeble. I’m using the Dr Who and Daleks film, with Roy Castle… as referance for an “orginal Dalek.”


I wasn’t keen :\ I found it cheesy, flat, and pretty silly. I didn’t find the Doctor amusing at all. Or any of it, in particular. I wish I’d watched Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Mind you, I’ve never seen the original Doctor Who, so I can’t compare. If it was a good reflection of the series as a whole, then I guess it’s just not my thing, and this seems likely since most fans seemed to like it. Unfortunately, I found it cringe-worthy >_o

And Ant and Dec isn’t cringeworthy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I have a great love for Ant and Dec! X3 So, they’ve lost a little of their spark since SM:TV Live. They’re still the best presenters evah.