Yep, another tech help thread

Actually, it’s my dad’s computer this time.

The problem is, anything using a web browser moves like…well, crap. And after it loads, if you try to do anything that opens another window, the whole system crashes. Strangely, though, everything else works fine. And in case you’re wondering, it’s Windows XP.

Is it just Internet Explorer or is it any browser?

It’s the same with any browser.

check ure connection, and ure memory requirements, browsers are kinda memory heavy. and since its all browsers, it might be ure connection, something wrong with it.

by “anything using a web browser” you mean an external application that uses a web browser?

ie: in Microsoft Word, you click a link in a document and a web browser opens?

Or do you mean anytime you the user opens a browser?

TSRs (Terminate Stay Resident Programs)? Spyware?

Big Nutter