Yangus Quest VIII

Yep, Yangus gets his own game.

Good, little Red and Yangus! So cute.


I have little hope for the game after Torneko’s spin-off title.

I liked the claymation FMV and background scenes in the PS Torneko, but other than that it didnt really live up to the DQ name. This newly announced prequel however sounds like it’ll be more in the style of a traditional DQ game unlike Torneko which was just a dungeon quest.

My hopes aren’t set to high, it could be good or bad, just have to wait an see.

I refuse to pass judgement on any game until I have played it.

However, for the sake of pure speculation, the idea behind the game isn’t such a bad idea. I mean, Yangus really does kinda just pop up with you with very little explanation. I too wonder how the game will be centered, but time will only tell.

Cor blimey!

He has no nose!


I’m a fan of any Dragon Quest game or spin off. I liked all three Torneko games (though they do get old fast), I liked DQM, and I like what I’ve seen of Slime Morimori Dragon Quest. I haven’t played Kenshin Dragon Quest yet, but I love the idea of it.

However, like the rest of you, I have my skepticism.

Kenshin Dragon Quest? Abuzah? Tell more Great Saturn.

It was a Japanese “TV game” (stand-alone game). It was controlled by swinging a plastic infra-red sword.
And that’s all I know, since I haven’t played it. I’d considered buying one. But I’ve only seen it for $60-90 for the system, power adaptor (would it even be compatible in the US?), and memory card.

Haven’t played much of the Mysterious Dungeon series. Haven’t seen Torneko: The Last Hope around, and was Nightmare of Druaga released in the US (been told it was, but I have yet to see it in ye olde game store)?

Yes, and it’s not too uncommon. I’ve most often seen it at stores that <I>don’t</I> specialize in games, like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Circuit City (for those unaware, Nightmare of Druaga is a sequel to Namco’s 20 year old arcade game Tower of Druaga).

By Mysterious Dungeon, are you referring to both the Torneko and the Chocobo games? Because, honestly, they play almost identically, they were developed by the same company (Chun Soft), and are now both owned by the same company (Square Enix).

Whoa, I had been meaning to post here and ask what the deal was with Nightmare of Druaga - I saw it in the EB I tend to frequent and hadn’t heard of it. What timing!

… so, what’s the deal with it? I’m clueless for both games.

Strangely enough, the Yangus game gets revealed to be a Mysterious Dungeon.


This likely means that we’ve seen the last of Torneko, and, hopefully, the last of Chocobo’s Dungeon, too. I’d personally like to see another Chocobo Racing, though, especially if its soundtrack is as good as the first.

No Dragon Quest Jessica? That’s not right.