XTREME Christmus Lights


Simply awesome.

I’m in awe :open_mouth: this is even cooler than that Michael Jackson vs. Giant Space Zangief thing!

Go dancing Christmas lights!

edit: saved to disc. Im keeping this one in a stash I intend to reopen a few years from now.

Holy fucking hell. That is awesome.

Dude. Sweet. Awesomenity. ‘n’ stuff.

Damn thats cool, lol.

I’m assuming that was all real, no video editing trickery, right? Did they even have that song playing in the background?

I need to forward this to my frat brothers so we can make our house look like that. Lord knows we have the skill to do it, though probably not the motivation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet Christmas!! (to use a very dated expression) that was COOL!! If indeed that was a coordinated stunt and not a video trick, it’s an amazingly original and well performed idea! Beats the heck out of Xmas decorations that just play “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raindeer.” :hahaha; I’m saving it too. BTW, what song was that? I’m SURE I’ve heard that before, but my memory for song titles suck.

It’s listed on the comments below the video. :wink:

When the lights flash, we see their brightness against the wall. And it matches the lights positions and intensity. Unlikely a video trick, but if that was one indeed, then these guys should work for Holywood.

Jesus, people. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and we’re already getting Christmas threads. -_-’ You guys are as bad as most department stores. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was awesome though. >_>

How did you save it to disk?

There’s programs (like wget for *nix systems) that let you type in a URL and it downloads that file. View source, find the URL of the video, wget.

There’s also some Firefox media plugins that let you save stuff.

Indeed. If anyone wants it: http://renan.hopto.org/upload/Renan/ExtremeChristmasLights.wmv

edit1: right click and Save As, don’t open this in your browser. If you try opening in the browser you’re prone to experience a lot of lag due to the other apps I have running here.

edit2: I have a 10 minutes downtime everyday as is now. I won’t be able to solve it until January or February. So it might be a broken link sometime between midnight and 1 AM.

Jesus, people. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and we’re already getting Christmas threads. -_-’ You guys are as bad as most department stores. :stuck_out_tongue:

Says Mister Christmas Batman signature. :smiley:

Ren: Thank you!!

What’s even more amazing than that is the fact that he didn’t blow out the power for his entire street. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bite me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just right click/ page info, search for the file url and paste the link into DL manager? It’s the only embed thing most of the time, unless the page has many flash apps and stuffsies.
And this reminds me of the singing lightchains our neighbours once installed. It sang 24/7. For over 3 weeks. Argh.

Gah, light.

Amazingly cool. I think I feel the Spirit of Christmas come over me. No, wait, it’s an epileptic seizure.

ooooooh, neato ^^