XS Episode 2

I can’t decide if I should buy Xenosaga Episode 2 when I’m in Japan this summer. On the one hand, it would be very expensive ($60 for the game, I think and $250 for a Japanese system). On the other hand, it would ROCK. Input, anyone?

Since XS and XG were heavy on the story, buying such a game if you can’t understand what the hell they’re saying isn’t the best idea. If you do undertand Japanese, up to you. Also, keep in mind you have to bring it BACK , which takes room.

if u want PS2 and Xenosaga ep2 for a low low price, drop by Hong Kong and get urself a mod PS2 and u can get urself Xenosaga ep2 for like 4 bucks Canadian…

Japan =| HK. urgh…geography…

Anyway, FF1+2 GBA is coming out in July and there are rumors of a DQ8 or FF12 summer release, so keep your eyes open. Though of course, the rationale of my first post still stands since these are RPGs. The FFVII Advent Children movie is also supposed to come out , isn’t it?

July’s no good. I’ll only be there during the month of June. And I won’t have a chance to hit up Hong Kong.

Unless you can read Japanese; why on earth would you want to?
Buy a real collectible instead: Something rare!

collectible? what would I do with it? what kind of collectible are we talking about?

Much the same thing you’d do with the Japanese version of Xenosaga Episode 2: Show it off to friends.
Any rare collectible would do.

Unless you can fluently understand Japanese, I’d say no. Xenosaga is heavily based on story, so if you don’t understand what’s going on, then I’d say wait for it to be brought over here.

Give me the $310 and your problem will be solved.