XML documents

Are there any freeware programs in existence that I can use to view XML files?

I ask because I use Trillian in lieu of MSN messager, and it saves chat logs in this format.

Notepad++? Firefox? Internet Explorer?

You can use any text editor to view it, but it won’t look very nice. You can open it in IE, though, and you can expand/contract nodes that way. Not quite a graphical editor but it’s not terrible.

For a full viewer, I use XMLSpy at work, but I think we have a license for it. 8-(
If you really want to go whole hog you can install Eclipse, but that’s freaking enormous, and while it does have a nice XML editor it’s primarily a full-fledged Java IDE.
Those are the only two I know, I’m afraid.

Using Eclipse would be like using a bulldozer to remove a small dandelion from your garden >>

Use a browser to open it if you want to see it all nice and pretty
Use a text editor to open it if you want to see everything

Well, depends on how pretty you want it. :sunglasses: In both cases it’s still showing the source rather than the elements involved and their relationships etc. Should be good enough though.

(Sorry, forgot I posted this.)

I tried opening the documents with a browser and got an error message.

XML Parsing Error: junk after document element
Location: (file location)
Line Number 2, Column 1:

That’s the error that Firefox gives me, and it’s the same for every one. IE gives me a similar one.

Check to see after the <!xml> element if there’s any text or weird stuff before the first tag inside it.

It’s pretty much all “weird stuff”, and I can’t find any such tag, even opening it in notepad (which, incidentally, produces nothing but gibberish).

Opening it in Notepad definitely shouldn’t produce gibberish. XML files are supposed to be plain text.

Then something is wrong with the way Trillian is saving its logs. I’ll try and mess with its settings.

EDIT: Yeah, Trillian doesn’t have anything in the way of “settings” for this. Just “save logs” or “don’t”. So I have no idea what’s up now.