im stuck on a part in xenosaga.

im in the triangle thingy.

i cant figure out the order to destroy those colered poles.
please help.

oh and another thing i found this item an engagment ring what am i supposed to do with it? :moogle:

IIRC you’re supposed to give the ring to someone in a bar on the Durandal. Been a while though, I may be wrong. Or maybe I’m mixing it up with Xenogears.

The room next to the pillars plays three chimes. Note when you blow up bits of each pillar, it plays a chime. All you have to do is blow up each pillar so that the note it plays is identical to the note played when that color flashes in the next room.

now when you say blow up the pillars do you mean like blow up a pillar all together or blow up one piece then move on to the next one in a patern? :moogle:

You have to blow a certain amount of pieces off of each pillar. You see, each pillar has a number of pieces, and the number of pieces dictates how high-pitched of a sound the pillar makes. As you destroy pieces, it gets deeper and deeper.

By the way, shoot the blue pillar until 3 pieces are left, the red until only 2 are left, and shoot the green one just once.

And Cid’s right. Give the ring to the sobbing woman in the Iron Man bar.

thank you for the help dalton and cid. :moogle:

the engagement ring ya should give it to the crying chick in the bar

Aww dang, Sara beat me to it, the engagement ring that is.

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Weiila is the editor of the fanfiction page on this web site. One of her names is The queen of FanFiction. Which is why I bowed to her, Lol.

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