Hi, everyone. I recently started working on the Xenosaga Ep. 1 shrine. I’ve visited on and off for a long time, but never found any games on the open list that I liked well enough to do a shrine for until just a few days ago.

Anyone else a fan of this game? The more I play it, the more I love it.

Check out what I’ve got for the shrine so far and let me know what you think.

  • Matt

I’m not too far into the game just yet, but I like it.

I already finished it and loved it,can’t wait for part 2.

I really liked it. Making a shrine for it shouldn’t be too bad in most aspects because of how straightfoward the game is. Its just long at times. Are you going to have any pics?

Yes! Pics galore. I’d like to have a pic for each tech and enemy too. The walkthrough will be very comprehensive, with particular attention paid to the details of the story.

Any input?

  • Matt

I really enjoyed the game, personally. I’m really looking forward to Episode 2 as well. I even play Ziggurat 8 over at Videoland (a number of other staffers here play there as well)

I didn’t finish it. I liked it and Xenogears (which I did finish), but I’m at the point where the time investment wasn’t worth continuing the series.

I loved it, but it being the first in the series and being absurdly cryptic and obscure just makes the game somewhat frustrating.

Sorc has a good point: the story was intriguing, even moving, BUT, they’re insisting too much on keeping certain things cryptic. For example, in the battle that involved two of the main character’s fears, I expected their personal secrets to be revealed- but they were not. Sounds like a last-minute plot change. But, I guess that leaves more to look for in the next installment. Besides, most things about the game -the graphics, the story, etc- were terrific, and a great playing experience.

I enjoyed it for the time I played ti, but the lengthly cut-scenes, and repetitave battles, caused me to lose interest in it before I beat it.

I loved Xenosaga, and I can’t wait for the next installment. I liked the beginning a lot, just because it seemed sort of like an “Alien” thing. Believe it or not, I actually like the cutscenes - to me, the game’s more like a movie, and the way cutscenes were done just added to that for me. In other news, cutscene skipping is super.

The game’s cryptic nature is frustrating at times, but I understand why it’s that way. I feel that hopefully the payoff will be worth the wait.

Not released in Europe, on the top of my importing list when I get a PS2.

I loved it. XS2 is on my “definite buy” list, which right now consists of exactly two games. 8p

What’s the other one?

Only one on mine right now is Star Ocean 3.

That’s the other one. 8p

I wouldn’t hold your breath on Xenosaga Ep. 2. The first one took nearly a year to localize and the second isn’t due out in Japan until June.

  • Matt

I know. I got two used PSX games to tide me over in the meantime. :sunglasses: