Ok, I’m near the end of Xenosaga and I’m a little bit concerned as to how to get some of the decoders I need for the robot parts. Can anybody help me out? At the moment, I’m still on the Durandal, right before having to go face Albedo in the Proto Merkabah. I need to go back to the Kukai Foundation in order to talk to some pink bug and I think to get the head of the robot. The problem is: how do I get back to the Kukai foundation? The shuttle on the Durandal won’t take me there, and neither will the Elsa. Am I screwed or is there another way I don’t know about?

Oh, you can’t get back? I think you’ve got the dungeon names mixed up a little. Proto Merkabah is later in the game… the only time you can’t return to anywhere from the Elsa would be during the Song of Nephilim part of the game. So beat the Song first, then you can finish off the Decoder stuff. I can provide you with a list of Decoders too, if you’d like.

Nope, I already beat the Song. When I talk to Capt. Matthews he either will take me to the Colony or to the Proto Merkabah. And the shuttle doesn’t seem to work. So… what should I do? o_o;

That’s very odd, indeed. Have you tried leaving the Elsa through the side door? The one marked EXIT across from the U.M.N room? I’m assuming you’ve done that already. 8)

This is very odd though. Try boarding the Durandal and heading for the Bridge. You might have missed a cinema scene, perhaps.

Try actually going to the Proto Merkabah and then coming back. See if that helps.

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Try actually going to the Proto Merkabah and then coming back. See if that helps.

Sounds like a good idea. <.< I’ll try it out.

Thanks for the help, Dalton and Cid. :slight_smile: