Xenogears: Perfect Works ~ The Real Thing ~

God, I sooooo love Xenogears !! I’ve downloaded from Perfect Works in pdf. Some of you know, that the book was ONLY officialy released in Japanese. I’ve found a translation for it, but it isn’t complete. Here is where you come -


Please, do somethin’ !! :slight_smile:

PS. I can upload it to Peer2Mail so maybe somone will try to translate. What do you all think ?? :>

Check Gamefaqs, there’s a (very incomplete) text translation made by the deceased U-TIC.org between the Xenogears FAQs. Besides for that, Aku-Tenshi is doing a scanlation of the whole thing but they have just started putting everything in order and the project is advancing at a snail’s pace.

What is this PW thing of Xenogears? Is it just in novelized form or something…?

It’s a combination artbook, production notes, encyclopaedia, random sribbles and comics. I have it on my HD and it rocks.

I love the 4 Koma (Four-panel comics) even though I can’t understand a word :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a deal for you guys… If you do upload of Xenogears God Slaying Story, or Xenogears Official Strategy Guide, or Comic Anthology, or Piano Sheet Music, I’ll do quick upload of Perfect Works. What do you think ?? (I hope I won’t be banner for warez’ing…:] )

Ehh, there’s already several copies of PW going around the net, you can hop into eMule and download the whole thing with professional-quality scans right now.

Yeah, but not everyone has 1Mbit/s speed, so… :stuck_out_tongue: