Xenogears - Generator Battles

I’m at the part in the game where I need to pick four characters to do battle at each of the Shevat generators. The first two battles are easy (I go in order), but the third battle (with two White Knights and Citadel) has been giving me fits. Because of this, I haven’t even gotten to the fourth one. I’d really like some advice.

Here’s some information that I hope would help. My character levels are ~49-51. The gears that I’ve upgraded the highest are Fei’s, Ellly’s, Bart’s, and Citan’s. I’d upgrade more for Billy (as I’ve used Rico the least), but I’m a little short on cash and I don’t want to have to sell things, but I will if I need. I’ve used Elly for the first battle and Bart for the second; I had selected Citan for the third and Fei for the fourth, but that’s not quite working out.

Thanks in advance for helping.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Personally, I didn’t have much trouble with that. Citan should be able to handle it without too much problems. Just make sure that you take out the White Knights first, they have the least hp and are just annoying, then dish out as many damage as you can muster against the Citadel. Then again, I guess you figured that out already.

Also, you might want to use Rico for this fight, even if you didn’t use him much. He has pretty high defense and attack, which might help you here.

Rico’s one of the strongest fighters. Billy and Bart aren’t as good as he is and Elly blows chunks. Do not use Elly anymore. There are A LOT of reasons as to why that is, but I don’t want to say more.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I kinda like a Fei/Citan/Billy team. Billy’s healing is quite useful, the ether shots make most random gear fights go by fast, and he’s just badass. Shotgun priest, woo.

Emeralda > Elly. Elly was never very useful :\

I don’t really recall what fight you’re reffering too, but for multiple fights, split up rico, citan and fei, and put them all in different groups. Give Rico something to make him faster (response circuits come to mind, a few of those should help, and the best +ar thing you can give him), that’ll make him loads more effective.

Maybe Citan needs an engine upgrade…

I switched Bart and Citan, and then I was able to finish the Generator fights without too much difficulty. The fourth fight was fun, as watching Weltall dodge everything is pretty entertaining.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Elly is pretty good… with her ether abilities. Her normal attacks aren’t worth it, until you get the Infinity Deathblows, and I don’t mean the Hypermode of the gears, I mean the character’s Infinity Deathblows.