Xenogears - Final boss

So, I recently re-started playin’ Xenogears and finaly reached the final boss. Now tell me how is it possible to beat the damn four orbs and then Deus itself ? Or should I go for Deus straigh ahead, I know thats how I beated him last time, but that was so long ago, I can’t remember what I did back then.

Any stategical help ?

Take out each orb one at a time, then take out Deus. If you’re at a decent level you should have enough resources left to kick his ass.

The thing is easy to beat even if you don’t kill the 4 orbs. Equip everyone with a GNRS500 or 2 and the best equipment from Big Joe (the 100 engine, the 100 armor and highest HP frames). If you have speed shoes, good, it helps. Last time I did this, Deus was dead within a few turns because for example, Xenogears was doing 9999 per hit and with the speed shoes, very frequently.

If you’re opting to take out the orbs first, do so with a secondary party, you can even replace Fei in this fight. Remember to switch the Speed Shoes and Holy Pendants (If you have any) between your party members.

I usually go against Metatron (Grey Orb) first as he’s the most durable, using Stier, Siebzehn and Renmazuo. This lowers Deus’ attack power. Next goes Sundel with the same party (Maybe exchanging Stier for Andvari) which takes care of the annoying healing. Then equip three Fuel Tanks and take out Marlute and Harlute for kicks. After that, I form a party consisting of Xenogears, Crescens and Fenrir, equip Speed Shoes, Holy Pendants and Anti Angel Systems (The Power Seraphs drop these, they nullify Angel-type damage) and easily obliterate him.

The boss is really quite simple and there is more than one way to take him out easily, this is just the one I like the most.

As a last detail, the Holy Pendants double the time of the Gears’ Hyper Mode, which makes them not only useful for massive damage dealing but also for healing, as the Charge rate skyrockets during Hyper.

That’s a neat effect of the holy pendants and there are occasions where that’s useful before the final boss but I find that as you get near that point with your gears, you’re so absurdly powerful with the GNRS50’s and the Omega 100 engines, that it doesn’t matter.

yeah, but getting the grns50s and omega 100 engines requires some crazy farming generally and the game can be beaten without them.

It’s hard to get enough money for the GRNS50s if you didn’t get the Trader’s Card. You should probably kill Sundel, because that’s the part of Deus that governs healing. Metatron has powerful attacks, so you might want to get rid of it too. After that, you can just go after Deus. Marlute lets him drain your fuel, but if you equip some tank guards, that won’t be a problem.

I never had to spend any time whatsoever in XG farming for money. I just got to the end of the game and bought.

Then you are a rare case. Do you upgrade all your Gears or only the main party?

Sinistral : Well consider yourself damn lucky, 'cuz I don’t have that luck. I’m totaly ruined after buying your recommended engines.

Sephiroth-Katana : Yeah I know, his eartly annointment hurts a lot ! Maybe if I equipped more anti-earth thingies too.