Xenoblade Chronicles in the USA

Posting this for great justice.

Yesterday I wrapped up the awesomeness that is Skyward Sword; today this falls out of the sky. If FEDS2 shows up then it’s time to play the fucking lottery.

Wel, about time for Nintendo USA. It’s a really good game even if it’s not Xenogears. It doesn’t TRY to be Xenogears either, and the plot is relativey straightforward, so it’s a pretty accessible title.

It seems they’re keeping the British dubbing. Good, the voice acting is superb and it’s a nice change from the usual five or so people dubbing fucking everything.

It was just such a no brainer to bring it over since a vast majority of the localization work had already been done that the only conceivable reason why they held out as long as they did was to wait for Skyward Sword to come out so that they’d have something for people to look forward to after the smoke cleared (provided the vast majority of the potential market didn’t just go off and import the bloody thing).

Of course they’re still taking the laziest route possible in distro but at least it made it.

Not sure where else to put this, but good news everyone!

The other shoe finally dropped. :victoly:

Also, have a release date for the other game.