I hereby dub this … the Glitch Slap attack!

That was fuggin’ awesome.

In fact, now I’m tempted to do something like this in an actual game. :smiley:

I am not responsible for any corrupted memory cards or save rams that you get as a result of idiotic experimenting… :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Cid :toast:

Nah, I meant making a game in which an NPC finds himself in sort of the same situation Cid finds himself in …

Seriously, when this comic is done, somone has to make a game out of it. Or start now and just releace “Sagas” that can load previous game data like .Hack (A single player MMORPG I’ve seen somone call it :P) Since it is baced on RPGs in gerneral, shoulden’t be too hard. Any thing someone came up with would be better than most movie/tvshow/comic games Hollywood/the stupid people/satan/etc would come up with…

… of course, now I’m wondering what would’ve happened if Cid had been hit first, given that he has no “ouch” animation … I think.

It would have been worse for the attacker, most likley deleting himself from the game.

What is the point of this? What are you aiming twords?

Spoony is obviously trying to take over the world with OL’s leagions of fans…

I don’t know what’s worse, The fact I rememberd this comic, or the fact that spoony reused thoes sprites wich reminded me.