X-Box or wait for X-Box 360?

So my little brother just left for college. He moved into a dorm at UMass Amherst. Being the nice older brother that I am, I let him take the X-Box with him. We used to go halves on most of our game/system purchases, so technically it was half his anyway. But now I am without a X-Box. I have a Cube and my roommate has a PS2. But I still have games for the Box, with nothing to play them on. So I’m wondering, do I suck it up and buy a new one or should I just wait and get an X-Box 360? Is there going to be backwards compatability?

Save your money for whores and booze, both are worth more than X-box… plus they’ll give you something an X-box can’t: temporary happiness.


You know, you make a point…

said in other words, “save your money so you can get AIDS and hangovers. both will degrade you more than an XBox and they’ll make you forget your problems for a while, after which they will come back will stunning reality, driving you further into more of the same until you die, alone and unhappy.”

1: I’m a drinking pro. I don’t get hangovers.

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Looks like someone stays at home and masturbates on friday nights.

360 is going to have limited backwards compatability, so if you already have some games, waiting for it may be counterproductive, unless they are the ultimate ‘main titles’ of the system, the ones that would certainly get teh backwards compatability treatment.

(what constitutes being backwards compatable is not entirely known, at least not to me, so I cant offer many more details than that).

No, wait for PS3, because Playstation has all the rpgs

Thanks Ion for a legitimate answer.

Kaiser- I’m talking about the X-Box, not the PS3. You are absolutely no help. How am I supposed to play the X-Box games I already own on a fucking PS3? Huh?

Wouldn’t that mean you don’t use them at all?

Lol. Depends on what religion you’re talking about.

I really meant that I only use condoms on Sundays.

Wait for a price drop in the XBox 360. No need to get the Xbox now when the 360’s price should have dropped a bit in two years or so. Definitely don’t get it when it comes out new, unless of course you’re willing to spend $400. I say $400 because that featureless 360 is just a ripoff.

I didn’t know you were an xbox fan

Dude, this thread is about the x-box. Thats all I’m talking about. I’m probably getting a PS3 when they come out, but that is completely beside the point. The PS3 has nothing to do with my current situation, and is not going to let me play my x-box games.

So do me a favor, either post something relevant, post something funny, or fuck off.

I would reccomend buying both, but I may be biased.

I’m gonna reiterate what 984 said to you, Dave.

I’m gonna reiterate what Dave said to you, Kaiserfuckwad.