X-2 or X-POO?

I know i’m really behind but i just got X-2 last week and so far it’s some what dissapointing… well in all fairness i think it blows but i didn’t have to pay for it so i won’t moan. At my college it has been dubbed Charlies Angels 3 and is redered to as a girls game… this is not fair i’m a girl and i think that this dungheap of a game has tarnished the good name of final fantasy. But i will say this in it’s defence… the FMVs look good. What does everyone else think?

I’m a girl as well.

The game is host to:

Hilarious quotes
Horrendously embarassing costumes
LeBlanc, icky icky
Fun jobs (yay Trainer)
Anal story completion requirements
Game Plus for more fun
The awesome LeBlanc fight theme, embarassingly titled “I’ll Give You Something Hot”

Hmm. It’s got a strong mixture of both good and bad. My biggest pet peeves, though, was the fanservice (LeBlanc, anyone?) and the fact that several characters were obviously inserted after the first game was made and the game pretends that they were involved with the actions in the previous game…pfft, they could’ve done a better job.
Plus, there’s a much smaller selection of musics (no flashbacks to the Crystal Theme, Final Fantasy, etc, and they murdered the Chocobo theme!) and several of the environments were crappy, such as the room in Zanarkand and the road to the Farplane.

After playing Morrowind and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Final Fantasy X-2 seemed… lacking…

Man, am I the only one who actually liked X-2? While its not as good as the others like FF6, or FF7, its still a pretty good game.

i like it, but the Charlie’s Angel’s bit is annoying. Such as leveling isn’t as much fun sicne it doesn’t let youg et out of the after battle screen until the battle tune finishes. However, I like how open it is. I like how it an open ended RPG with direction and things to do. The sining aspect is also cool and Brother is so stupid he’s fun to watch. Some of the outfits are bit skanky, but eh. Square has been making skanky outfits for years so it isn’t anything new.

I actually liked it the first time through, just not everytime after that due to the requirements you have to meet to get that freakin Perfect Ending. My first opinion of the game was “oh great, this is the missing link between the Powderpuff Girls and Charlie’s Angels”. But Brother was hillarious. :hahaha;

FUCK, this game is the best FF in terms of gameplay. The story is pretty shitty, but the battle system, leveling system, job system (including how you change jobs), abilities, and the graphics make the game beautiful. Not to mention the great side quests the game offers. If they had put a solid story behind it, it would have been THE BEST FF ever.
This game seems to be a sort of Square-Enix experiment with new things including sequels, mostly an experiment on Square’s part of course.
Honestly, the Charlie’s Angels thing didn’t bug me that much, and the clothing kinda suits the climate they all live in, that being a tropical environment. If you notice, some of the best jobs such as Dark Knight aren’t that revealing… at all, and anyone with half a brain can ignore the clothing and focus on the great gameplay this game gives.

Monkey lav. <3 <3 <3

That alone makes the game AWESOME. >.>;;

I thought I’d take the cd out and smash it into itty bitty pieces when I saw Yuna was a pop singer at the beginning, but <table bgcolor=“black”><tr><td>Spoiler:<font color=“black”> after finding out it was an imposter, it wasn’t too bad. :P</font></tr></td></table>

It’s fan-service. And most game players are guys, if you want female aimed fan-service you shouldn’t be playing games.

Which is not to say that that sort of thing will never happen. The demographics have to change a bit first though. :sunglasses:

Personally, I thought it was a fun little game. It’s not exactly an epic story with angsty teenagers as its heroes, but it’s a refreshing and interesting take on things. I tended not to get bored with it, which is a good sign. I’m not going to replay it anytime soon though. I thought the music stank, for one thing. -_-

That’s one I reeaallly need to play a bit more. Personaly, I liked it. The awesome gameplay more thanm makes up for the substandard plot, in my oppinion.

The gameplay was good, but not as good as FF10. I like the sphere system more and i don’t like having to find all these different kinds of jobs. The garmet grid wasn’t too my liking (for reasons I have stated). I liked the songs that Yuna sang, but most of the other music sucked. The way that they continued the game was very well done and I liked how they expanded ont he world. It was done perfectly in my opinion which gives me high hope for the FF7: Advent of the Children movie or whatever. FFX-2 had a good opening I thought. It created immediate suspense and mystery.

So let me see just because it has an all girl team this makes it a girls game…don’t really think so…i mean i’m not really trying to defend it because it is probably the worst ff game out on playstation but i still liked it anyway…and for the fmv’s they are exacly the same as FFX in fact all of the graphic parts in X-2 are!

I really liked X-2, I thought it was a fun little game. I loved the gameplay, and the real-time element of the battles. I thought the different endings and the percentage completed total were a great idea to reward people who don’t just take the quickest route through the game. The secret missions and the reply value were great, but I thought the game could have done with a few more compulsory missions. I also felt that the majority of the music was sub-standard, and the story lacked depth, especially compared to the story in X. The little cameos from the FFX characters like Auron were worthwile too, and Brother was hilarious.

Steve’s pretty much right on the money. The game mechanics were awesome. The story less so. I could point to a couple of fanfics that had better plots than the one Square dreamed up. It is like a fanfic, with the blatent Rikku-Auron thing, Vegnagun, and cheesy oh-it’s-all-good-then ending

Also Brother was easily the best character in it. Everyone else I just thought was kinda depthless, especially Rikku. They destroyed whatever good personality traits she had.

What Rikku/Auron thing? O.o