X-2: Finding those stupid ronso

Where do you find the two Ronso that are seaching for Kimari’s horn ?

On another note, what is the plural form of “ronso” ? Ronso ?

Calm Lands, Travel Agency. You’re in Chapter 2, correct?


Calm Lands in Chapter 2, and then in the Thunder Plains on Chapter 3 if I remember correctly. They will then return to Mt Gagazet in Chapter 5.

That’s right. And you will have a choice of where to send them from the Thunder Plains, which will affect scenes viewed through Shinra’s CommSphere network in Chapter 4. I don’t think it matters where you send them, though. I have done both Kilika Port and Djose Temple, but I haven’t tried the Moonflow.

I know that i’m leaving the point of the original question(it looks answered anyway) but i’m on 69% and just started the 5th chapter is there any way i can get 100% ?

It’s practically impossible to get 100% on your first playthrough without using an FAQ every step of the way. Aim for 100% on your second playthrough.

yes but i’m already on new game plus!

Cidolfas speaks the absolute truth. You have to check an FAQ every single step of the way…practically every time you speak or make a move. Even then, it’s kind of hard not to miss anything. I usually have over 20 saved games at any given time, just in case I miss something, and need to go back. I think you’re supposed to be in the mid-70’s on completion at the beginning of Chapter 5, so you would either need to forget about 100% completion, or else start over. I should know - I was obsessive enough to start over in Chapter 5. I don’t really recommend that - it’s very discouraging.

Good luck.

well thanks for the advice but i think i’ll just forget about the great ending for a while and start again some other time!

I don’t think that getting the ‘best’ ending has anything to do with the completion rating. I got that ending on my first play through the game. It depends on your actions after you fall into the hole at Djose, and your actions on the flower field at the end of the game.
In order to get 100% you will almost certainly need to consult an FAQ or buy the guide, there’s just two many requirements to list. You must make sure that you hand the sphere over to New Yevon in one game, and the Youth League in another.

well i have been led to bel that you can only get the best ending by gettin 100%

There is one extra scene on the end of the best ending if you get 100%. It’s not an FMV though.