I just finished watching this series, and I must say, it is the best anime i have seen yet. I just love it how they show you what will happen next, things like : Kotori and Sorata’s Death, the fight between Kamui and Fuma.. The fun part is to see how those events occur. This anime also has a really cool cast of characters. Sorata is my favourite character and Fuma is a really cool villain.

So, yeah, if you haven’t seen it yet, then go do so now. It starts off slow, but then really picks up.

EDIT: Can someone tell me what Tokyo Babylon is about? Is it connected to X? All I know about it is that Subaru is in it.

I’m with you there. I haven’t seen many animes but X is in my top two. :sunglasses:

Tokyo Babylon might precede X/1999; theres two movies i think. I’m not sure however, sorry. I watched one movie before, there are these brutal deaths occuring and theres a women who can sense and has visions of what happened in the scene of the crime when she touches the area. Theres more but I can’t remember much else about that movie.

I have some questions.

Why did the death of the Princess ( forgot her name) unseal the Holy Sword?

Do you think that the world would have been destroyed if Fuuma became the Dragon of Heaven and Kamui the Dragon of Earth?

1: No Idea.

2: Maybe. Kamui and Fuma still thought differently. Maybe if Fuma had been the one to die he wouldn’t have brought up his Kekkai. Thus human civilisation; death