WWI Depiction

Well, i am a lover of american history, and the study of warfare, and WW1 is the war i know the LEAST about too. I know the british kicked some good ass, but as for details, i cant give you many. Infonick, kids should be taught a LOT of things in school, but arent. I learned more in the past 6 years after dropping out of school, then i learned in the 7 years before dropping out. One a different note, i have mostly geared myself to learning about the american fronteir and the spread west(damn Shemanese). One thing about FFX you can compare, is the re-form of the Church and the splitting of Protestantism and Catholicism, with Yuna starring as Martin Luther(not King).

As for your analogoy of American/Japan during WW2, it is a very good cut. Japan now days is probably one of the least-militarialistic countries i can think of. How many soldiers do they have in Iraq ? Wow, a whole 500 … in a non-combative roll. Delicious. But, at least they have some over there, and didnt drop out after the first threat(like stupid Spain did), and for that, i’ll tip my hat to 'em. Kinda interesting how Midgar got even more powerful militarily, and wu-tai’s military practically ceased to exist, just like what happen with USA and Japan.

A point i’d like to make on Hitler/Kefka, is that Kefka might have looked and acted gay, but Hitler actually was.
Hitler “uh ohh, it seems that i dropped the soap accidently, while showering with my confidantes. It looks like i have to bend over and pick it up now.”
Kefka “I don’t take showers, it might mess up my make-up. Meow.”

Yes, but it is a requriement to learn those. How can you talk about world or American history without talking about WWI? It was a mjopr event. The Civil War was too. That’s like leaving the American Revolution out of Americn history. The history just doesn’t work. WWI had a profound effect on how we live today. It is state requirement in California.

Was this thread originally created to talk about education, and history??
Or was it created to talk about the relationships between WWI/II and FFVI???


If you think that all of the threads in this forum are going to stay on topic, you’re setting yourself up for a BIG dissapointment.

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Infonick, it’s a state requirement here too, but sometimes, teachers and students dont live up to their end of the bargain. I had 4 F’s and 1 B+ my last year of public school, AND THEY PASSED ME. Plus, some subject, like WW1, people dont research in depth as they do other things. For example, what major conflict(other than the Civil War) in US History was General Robert E. Lee made an american hero ? You might know , because you’re pretty bright, but i wouldnt expect most people to. For some reason(could be laziness, who knows) i have never thouroughly researched WW1. All this talk about it has got the hampster in my head turning a little. You know whats funny ? a 20 year old could learn more from an 8th grade history book than an 8th grader :-p

As for the issue about topic-change. The topic has evolved. Did you not mention WW1 and WW2 ? How can you make a topic around a subject, and not expect people the elaborate little on the individual subjects ? Maybe something me and Nick have to say about WW1 might catch someone’s mind, and give them an idea on how it could relate to an FF game ? Maybe comparing FF6 to the Revolutionary war, in that the King/Emperor was on an island across the sea ? FF6 didnt get into more details, such as taxation without representation and such, but i’m sure there was a LOT about FF6’s world that was left unsaid.

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Ninten, there’s a difference between drifting off topic and spam. Just because we aren’t talking about the original topic at the moment doesn’t mean we should make meaningless posts.

I’m don’t really know that much about world history and all, but at one time, the UK was the most powerful nation, right? And they owned lots of other countries (such as Canada, the US, and some others) That’s sorta like the Empire in FFVI, in a way, and Alexandria in FFIX. One country taking over other countries.

I know it’s not that great, but I just thought of it and had to share.