WWI Depiction

Hey, I have been playing Final Fantasy for a few years now, and have found that Final Fantasy VI has a scary resemblence to the history of WWII.

Many of the characters and places, not to mention various main parts of the storyline resemble parts in history, different people and places etc.

Ninten :cool:

Care to share some examples?

I am also intrigued. Give us a rundown, mmkay?

I’m pretty sure the world wasn’t destroyed since 1939. Although I have my doubts.

Not as in the world was destroyed!

*Kefka is definitely a main part of this… as the Hitler sort of person… :mwahaha:

**The whole idea of the end of the world may also be, not the end of the world, but symbolic of the bombing… ending definitely a lot… although creating more awareness.

I haven’t played in a while, so these might be a tiny bit off… I still believe though that FF6 definitely could be a depiction of WWI/II…

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P.S: If anyone has some more ideas about relevence to the wars, please tell.


***Also, I believe that the MagiTek research facility could’ve been representing the factories all over Germany in WWII creating machinary: zeppelins etc.

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I guess another reference could be the Emperial soldiers uniforms being a bit like a Nazi soldier’s uniform (especially the helmet).

Good oen with the esper treatment, I hadn’t thought of that.

I haven’t played that much of FFVI but I see your point.

Infonick good point about the uniforms and helmets.

Here’s one I discovered myself:

[SPOILER]The Wutai/Midgar war in Final Fantasy VII. Wutai was Japan, and Midgar was the U.S. Wutai was a proud country with a very unique culture, deeply rooted into ancient customs and traditions. After losing the war, they lost not only a large battle, but their country’s identity. Wutai sold out and became a tourist attraction, trivializing their very culture and customs to make money. They paid less and less attention to their now-absurd Da-Chao/Sea God Leviathan religion, and chose to follow the allmighty Gil. Wutai became more of a place of business (they became more like Midgar), and in a way, Wutai was no longer Wutai. As Yuffie said, it’s “JUST a resort town.”

Now I remember reading that after WWII, Japan went through something similar. They lost faith in their gods; after all, how can the island blessed by the goddess of the sun lose a war under the guidance of their Emperor? Shintoism and Taoism were shunned and forgotten, and Japan began to pursue other things; such as making an impact on the U.S economy and, much like Wutai, opening their once-holy land up to tourists.[/SPOILER]

Exactly right.

that is so true on the japan/US thing

I would say the FF6 connections to WW2 just aren’t there. Name a recent war where anyone has not used factories. Kefka and Hitler are also very far apart in just about every aspect. To have a story about any sort of war you’ll see similaritys with real wars. You definatly need better exanples, if I were to make arguements like yours I could link FF 9 to the spread of communism, FF 10 to Vietnam, and FF 3 to christanity.

Yes, I do also remember the uniforms being quite close to the Nazi uniform…


I’ve got a question relating to WW1 rather than FF. I’m not real familier with my wars. When did WW1 start and what was it about? Man I’ve really gotta read up on this stuff. Especially the Civil War.

WWI was about a bunch of tensions that had built up of the years. it started in 1914 and ended in 1918 with the Treaty of Versailles. What started it was the assassination of Arch Duke Ferndinand. Germany lost and it paved the way for WWII. It’d be easy to search online about WWI than to ask here. There are plenty of good sites. What I said was the bare minimum about the war. It did have the highest casualties of any war. America lost mroe in WWI than it did in Vietnam and America was only in WWI for a year, but in Vietnam for like 8 or 9.

It is sort of sad that you don’t know about WWI. I can see not knowing about the Civil War if you are not American, but damn.

Yeah well I am American I just don’t read about history alot. I will start reading about the wars this summer though. Sorry about asking here.

You know on the whole Wutai/Midgar war. I wished they said Wutai attacked Midgar at Materia Harbor.


Maybe they did.

Junon is a naval base, right? Why else would they install that huge cannon in front? To ward off oncoming Wutai pilots who were out to bomb the Junon Navy?

It would of been funner if it was called Materia Harbor.

It’s just that you should have been taught those in school.