Writer's Block, need help!!!

Phew, here I am, at it again…

I just hit a writer’s block, and it’s not likely to go away this time either.

I mean, okay, my goals for a loong time was to finish the Retaliation Trilogy, write an albumfic and finish Penultimate Force( as a psychopath who punicles GF’s and conspirates Deux Ex Machina typa things), and now I have these ideas in my head, tried them all, but none made it past the prologue.

Anyways, which one do you like the most?

“Heresy”:A sequel to Penultimate Force, after Squall thinks he finds it all out, and Rinoa gets pregnant, comes a scripture talking about “Heir Of A Dying Day”, and the whole world suddenly starts hunting his son down. Hyne must be consulted for the rotting within to show.

“Foresaken Identity”:Rinoa gets pulled into the mirror by her own reflection, and finds herself in someplace called City Noir. She picks up a ringing phone to hear Squall being murdered by a mad female, and then, suddenly, aslyum officers put Rinoa in a straight jacket, telling her she’s a prisoner in a prison-aslyum nearby. Rinoa’s double, Amira, seems to be sufferring from paranoid schitzophrenia- and Rinoa knows everyone she has ever known is in danger now.

“Scary Fanfiction”:Our pack of wild heroes decide to visit Transilvania, Amityville, Elm Street No 13, and find an Evil Butler there by the name of Sikes Bates. It’s a comedy fic.

Which one do you like the most?

It’s not for us to choose. Do what you want to. Weiila can articulate this better than me, so I’ll leave this bit to her. ^_-

Although Foresaken Identity sounds pretty original.

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Excellent idea, TD :hahaha; Get me one so I can hack my way through my own blocks.

And hmm, Heresy sounds good methinks. (And yes, I’m getting back to you on Retaliation soon, I promise)

Freewrite, then look at what you wrote. Get some ideas out of it.

The best and honest answer I can give you: the only way to get out of writers block is to… write. Anything. Write your name down millions of times or SOMETHING just WRITE!

Yeah, maybe I should just make up a diologue of The Architect from The Matrix Reloaded&Revolutions, huh?

Yeah, that might work.

Tell me about it. I haven’t worked on my comic in a while because of a writers block. Ducks Videospirits wrath ^^;; Don’t kill me Videospirit…

Anyways, just have something hit you in the head like it did me… ^^:;;