WoW's Tier 4 armours have been revealed (TD you'll kick yourself when you see this)






if you can’t see it properly there’s a FUCKING BLACK HOLE VORTEX suspended behind your shoulders





This is all Burning Crusade of course. The rogue hat and mage shoulders are either unfinished or bugged (mage shoulders ARE supposed to be symmetrical and not glitching through your head) but the rest is all there. God damn I can’t wait to climb into the warrior one.


(and no I’m not kicking myself though that is pretty cool >_>. Beats the clown set, at least.)

I don’t really like the looks of some of them. Not that they’re bad, some of them are just so plain compared to tier 3.

The Paladin pajamas are cute though, and the coolness of the Warlock one more than makes up for the vomit-inducing Plagueheart.

I’m sorry, but they all look fucking ugly (although plain is probably a better term). o_o Maybe except the priest and warlock.

I find the Hunter fu*king awesome.So if you have these that means the expansion is out???

He might have been a beta tester and they sent him the pics.

Ahh…equipment none of my characters would live to see. Here’s the problem with WoW the way this is going. One day there will be like tier 10 gear. The problem with getting Tier 10 gear is that a new guild would have to climb its way up very slowly getting tier 1 to do BWL. then Tier 2. Then expeirence AQ to get gear and to learn how to play and coordinate so that when they get to Naxx, they have the skills to do it. Then they grind through Naxx for months on end. Then they grind through the next instance. Does anyone get where this is going? Anyone that’s done any kind of raiding knows that it takes months to outfit a guild with 1 tier set and that getting someone fully geared is very challenging. Having to redo this to a certain extent over and over for the purpose of doing it over and over is hard to describe in terms other than “urrrgh”. You’re playing a big lotery where you spend 6-8 hours a day pressing a very narrow number of keys. Do this for a few years to get outfitted. I find this tedious and discouraging.

When I first heard of the BC stuff I thought I might jump ship. But the more I read about it the less bad it looks, so I guess I’ll just see how it works out.

Though, lately I’ve really really been wanting to play (i)RO >.>;;

Why would you bother getting any tier1-2 when tbc comes out? just get the epic lvl 70 gear and get ready to raid with that. Also remember alot more guilds will be able to do them with the lower instence cap (25 man instead of 40).

You don’t need to have the previous tiers to get tier 4, tbh you prolly just need gear from the lvl 70 instences. (non raid)

Except that they won’t. You’re forgetting that Level 70 gear will allow you to skip the first three tiers, as greens and blues of that level (character level not item-level) will surpass the current tiers.

Except that they won’t. Naxx gear is ilevel 90+, the blue 60 sets (tier 0) are ilevel 58. Blues at 70 will hardly hit ilevel 70. The random BoE epics might scratch 70, but I really don’t think they’d let people with that weak of gear take out Illidan.

Except you’re assuming the expansion levels will follow the same progression as the first 60 levels, which they probably won’t.

Why wouldn’t they? When they went from level 50 to 55 and to 60, high level blues didn’t all of the sudden shoot up in ilevel

According to reports I’ve read, the amount of time it will take from 60-70 is being equated with the amount of time it takes to go from levels 1-60. This suggests that the gear might make a larger leap than the mere gear-numbers indicate.

I’ve always assumed that with the expansion it’d only take 20 level 70s to clear MC/BWL, and other such jumps.

Another goal of Blizzard is to add more casual conent to try to keep people who can’t grind for 3 years interested in playing.

Hm, I still don’t know which class I’ll pick when I go back to playing. I hoped one of these would be awesometastic enough to persuade me.

Fortunately, I’m not good enough at WoW to be addicted to it :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of casual content are they thinking of adding?

They are focusing more on 5 man instences (and more instences in general) for one thing, Plus they have the reduce raid size so you could possibly join a pickup like you can in 20 mans now.

Also in the pvp area they are reworking the rewards system for it, now it doesn’t have the time element in it, instead you pvp to get points and do BG’s (which there will be new ones) for tokens, with these points/tokens that you keep forever, you can purchase pvp rewards.

That’s all I can remember for now, there are possible other things also I have missed.

I’m not sure but I think the more advanced guilds can already clear MC with about 20 people, using AQ gear.