Midgets, sex offenders, molestation, and barnyard booty inside!

insert cringe and eye twitch here


Were you expecting a response of some kind? Some kind of cogent discussion?

Ooh, time for tea.


I am scarred for life. Thanks alot Comet. -_-

I’ll wait until AFTER I finish eating to click that, looking at these replies. O.o

I don’t think that’s real

No, bubba. It’s real.

That article is definately faked, but the man himself is very real.

What article is faked?

I’m only like 20 minutes south of Maumee… Fun stuff.

Holy shit o_O

The page itself says that everything under the introduction is fake.

But really, that’s something for Extreme Makeover O_O

Fuck wrong thread.

You sure you got the right thread?

Seconded. With some tweaking it could be a post about birth defects, though.

I can’t wait to see a sex offender on that show.

It’s like looking at Jacko with a bunch of facially disfiguring tumours.

A guy on YTMND supposedly has his home phone number, and keeps calling there for an interview because he’s a “fad” there (paste his picture over something else and add that Burn Bobunga Burn song from Chrono Trigger).

It’s immature shit like this that gives me ideas as to why the guy turned out to be a sex offender in the first place. I feel sorry for him.

I do too, y’know, barring the whole finger-banging-little-Johnny thing.

You have to admit though, his face IS a thing of horror. Reminds me of Jason from Friday the 13th, Part 2. Edit: Scarier then Jason, actually.