Wow. this place has changed since 2 months ago...

Did I miss anything exciting?

Yes. There was a coup and Merlin was deposed to be replaced by the Iron Legions of The 984. But it is forbidden to speak of such things under penalty of death oh shi

I turned 11? And, in the last hour became a big “Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi Show” fan?

It hasn’t changed much.

Nothing Now new sprites if you exclude the Pink Ranger.

and Charle’s been baned and is now not

Me and Kor had our first babies. :slight_smile:

We all learned the true meaning of Guy Fox day

I also stopped caring about properly spelling national UK holidays

A shitload of regulars stopped posting.

Like who Dev? I miss X2K

I miss X2K like i miss having wisdom teeth

X has risen above. He has ascended beyond the petty woes and trials of the normal boards to a higher state of being.

Pssh. The shrine-maker boards. How lame.

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I just copied that. X is back. O.o

Er, if you’re banned you can still browse the boards, can’t you? Just not post?

EDIT: Hey, +~Marshmellows~+ is here? Cool. :smiley:

Oh Pierson! Wherever do you get all your random images?!

As far as I know, you could browse but you couldn’t log in to your account.

X wasn’t gone, he was never banned form the staff boards.


Edit: Er, I missed Pierson’s second post, my bad >>

Kor fails. Idiot++ :kissy: