WOW! There's a third guy running for president!

That’s what I was thinking (Sort Of) when I found that out. If Mister Whats-His-Name is gonna represent the Green Party shouldn’t he have money to campain? …So that people know he exists? I might sound sorta stupid, but I just was thinking that at the moment.

There’s a whole lot more than 3 parties.

Yes, I know. I never said there wasn’t more. I said if someone is running for president they should have money to campain, and let people know they exist.

Oh, I don’t know much about politics, nor why they don’t do much campaigning. Their names are on the ballot paper though.

Are you saying theres more people who are running for president when it’s completely stupid because almost no one knows about them? -_- :thud:


It’s almost a case of why they should even bother running? I know a communist says he wants victory but if he has a shred of realism he’ll know he doesn’t have a chance. Some people I guess for the sake of principle run or vote as a third party/other party.

Many, many people always run for President/Prime Minister, but the vast majority of the populace of either country will only ever hear about the two/three (four if you’re Alan Forbes, the bastard) with the most money behind them. It’s unfortunate but that’s the way the system works right now.

Now, if the government somehow had to pay for all the TV ads, posters etc, it might be a different story, but since no government in the world would be silly enough to try and get an act like that passed, it won’t. :frowning:

No one knows about them? Lots of people know about them, however, they get the word out in other ways than TV since they have a more limited budget. Also, the government is against having more than 2 people running, so they are not invited to debates or anythign else sponsored by the government. Maybe that is why you have never heard of them, but they are there, and they are getting the word out.

And they run, most of the time, not to win, but to get the other candidates to talk about issues they normally wouldn’t. Also, (though i dont know if this is true or not), they run to get more than 15% of the vote. If that happens, their party becomes “official”, or something, and the government is forced to pay them money for their campaign. I don’t know if that is true or not, i just remember hewaring something about it back when perot was running.

I think it’s 5% to get campaign money from the government, Devillion, though that’s based on my own potentially flawed memory.

Yeah, you’re right RPT. The way it works (And thusly, the reason ‘why they bother’), is cos if they get 5% of the vote, they begin to get public funding.

Is that 5% of the vote or 5% of the population?

5% of the popular vote, I’m fairly sure. Neither 5% of the population nor of the electoral vote would make sense.

Point. We have a similar thing in the UK, but you just get your money back if you lose I think. :\

Plus we have the Monster Raving Loony Party. :smiley:

I Might Stand for them! Vote Lord Sutch!!!

I only knew about the third guy, watching BBC news 24 had taped of ABC’s NewsNight with Peter Jennings… and showing it to the UK about 2-3AM, and that was between Iraq and Boston Red Sox Winning!!!

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I was Playing FF9 at night.

I envy you guys. :3

We have the same thing here, only ours are called the Liberal party. =o


And Don’t We know it.

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Him and several others. None of them have won office in a lifetime though.

Actually, the Green Party kicked Nader out.