WOW Talent Spec for a Mage

Yeah, every warlock on my server is a noob then. I guarantee I’ve pvped hundreds of hours more than you have. Warlocks have like 6.5k HP TOPS when they’re in the best gear possible. Warriors have about 6k in their basic PvP set.

Mages are DEFINITELY not the sick man of WoW. My guild houses some of the best mages on the server and they basically dominate everything they come accross. No class is really unbalanced at this point anymore, with the exception of warriors and rogues being ridiculously overpowered when top geared. If you perfect all the mages, rogues, and warriors, how about you duel me and some of my friends? The PTR is up.

It sounds to me like you’re just some tool who’s never really played “with the big boys,” and for some reason thinks he’s god’s gift to WoW.

What are you even talking about Sil? Some warlocks will have more hp than I do due to the fact I’m a fury warrior and have more +Str/Agi, but they have 500-600 more TOPS. That’s 6000 hp. Our main tank has a bit over 7700- a number which warlocks aren’t ever going to see unless they sacrifice literally everything for +Stamina.

Warlocks do not have the nukes of a mage either- they specialize in DoTs. Mages aren’t the sick man of WoW either. I’m finding myself completely agreeing with Lanyx here. Let go of your ego man.

Cloth gear doesn’t have enough stamina for 7000 HP. It’s not physically possible.

Now I know how the U.S. can get away with bombing minor countries. Study this term and report back to me:

Though this isn’t to say that WoW’s PvP is balanced. Actually, I would hesitate to call it player vs. player. It’s more GvG.

Gear vs. gear, that is.

Hard to tell exaggerations when what you said is wrong.

At a certain point yes, but that’s not absolute with good players.

Agreed, although one of the problems I’ve found with WoW, but maybe of any MMORPG, is that the first good players on a server seem to cluster together and form very exclusive guilds, which basically dominate both the battlegrounds in general and the gear race. Starting anew on atleast two new servers at different points, I guess I couldn’t keep up with the totally dedicated powerlevelers, and I a very frequent player. By a few weeks later after the guilds had stratified and everyone knew who was boss, I found myself floating from mediocre guild to mediocre guild, where silly political issues and lack of enough players prevented us from running the big dungeons. At that point, trying to do battlegrounds even as an organized guild was simply a matter of waiting for the uber-guilds invariably matched against us to claim the flag three times. The only BG one could even think of running without a group is AV, of course, which depended on the time of day as to which side would win.

There aren’t really enough goals to make the WoW PvP worth it. The world is too static I think.

2 most recent experiences:

We lost to an AQ/Warlord team 3:1 , missing points by fractions of a second. the game lasted over 45 minutes. Our highest rank was a knight champion, we each had a couple world drop epics like warden staves. We lost that one but we won all others as we broke their wills to fight. We were too hard to beat and thus not worth the effort. They needed quick wins for honor and rep. Other example: we actually be another epicced team 3:2. Note we didn’t always win, but we sure as hell knew how to stand our ground and fight.

But I do agree the clustering happens and tends to ass fuck any halfass , halfhearted noob guild. PVP is good when you’re not with a guild of fuckwads and the group acts as a team and coordinates.

Which is exceptionally rare.

The problem with PvP is that there aren’t enough goals and it isn’t interesting. The only reason people keep it up is for honor and the Exhalted rewards (which I admit are pretty fucking good). So in that sense PvP is a chore and most guilds treat it that way compared to PvE.

Well that depends. It definitely is a chore if you’re going for Grand Marshall or so- doing that is just insane. The GM on our server is in our guild, and he spent I think around 3 months of getting #1 in standing to finally get up there.

We’ll get some guild group going occasionally and gear does play a large role in it; however, having superior organization and teamwork can make more of a difference. The High Warlord team that went against us was able to win close games against us a lot due to how well co-ordinated they are in PvP.

It actually takes 3 or at most 4 weeks of standing 1 to hit GM when you’re rank 13. You can rank to 13 with standing like 20, which is easy. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s far from insanely difficult.

Hell, you can hit rank 14 from getting standing 10 for about 3 months.

Also, coordination > skill > gear. There are a TON of GM/HWs on my server who got there with nothing more than a ton of playtime. These players are people who are fucking terrible. They get owned by PUGs with shitty gear constantly.

I disagree about PvP being boring. I’d say it’s one of the main reasons I’m even still playing. It adds a ton of spice to the game, with all the horde vs alliance hate. Hell, I love the alliance vs alliance hate. I only wish I could gank the rest of them. I’d say 3 out of 4 games for me it’s a HW group afking out, but every once in a while you get a real game. Anyway, I don’t really remember where I was going with this post, but yeah.

Go PvP

It is easy to me becuse i have a 60lock and i played the in and out of it


I’m currently in a PVP-focused guild, and if you’re with people who even have the vaguest notion what they’re doing the games are much more enjoyable.

I’m currently a mage, so I like a lot of the respec, but I don’t think it addressed the issues that the uber-mages were telling Blizzard about. I was already a frost mage, so I like the changes and I think there’s potential for lots of varied builds.

just did my first major league instance ever last night, whoooo ZG.

Fuck. Yes. I loathed Warsong with a passion before, but with the Smolterthorn guild we joined, it’s actually kinda fun. Playing with non-retards does that, and the taste of victory is sweet.

And yes, ZG is fun, much more fun than Molten Bore I can assure you. Sure the loot of MC is pretty nice, but the instance is kinda dull. AQ20 is also pretty sweet IMO, or at least the encounters get the blood pumpin.

Why couldn’tcha play on our server Merlboy? We could use a 5th. :frowning:

Anyone playing on Jaedenar, new PvP server? I recently rolled on Alliance there with a friend, as a (female) Night Elf Rogue.

It’s not so much that I wanted to be female but that I didn’t want to be male. Those NE guys look like total clowns.