WOW Talent Spec for a Mage

i have a 60 Mage on Boulderfist and i was think about a 0/25/26 spec what do you guy think about that

One of my friends is going 45 into ice. O_o

The new ice spec is the shit. Fire didn’t change much and most things that made people spec arcane is now standard for mages.

I’m glad I quit WoW. Mages have been asking for completely revamped talent trees based on playstyle rather than element for months now. Why? Because in PvP, it’s harder to kill enemies when they have a resistance stacked in whatever your primary element is. In PvE, fire mages are half useless in MC, frost mages will be half useless in Naxxramas, and the Caverns of Time are rumored to be an arcane instance. Aside from the fact that endgame dungeon crawling is a second day job, it’s pretty fucking stupid to flush 50g to respec talent points whenever you’re running a different 40-man instance just so you’re more useful.

My guild has never asked people to respec whenever we’re doing a new instance- doing that would be pretty dumb. Also, you generally don’t wear your resistance gear into PvP as that limits your effectiveness, so that’s not a very valid argument.

Caverns of Time wasn’t going to be an instance last I heard- it was going to be an opening for BGs eventually where you can redo past battles or some such.

shrugs I heard part of it was going to be an instance that was arcane based, but it may have just been a rumor.

All the mages in my guild respecced fire or elemental long ago, we clear MC in record time any more. Just because your specced fire, theres no reason that you can’t cast arcane missles or frost bolt. You may do less damage or be less efficent but the spells aren’t blocked. As for PvP fire mages that know how to play can still dominate. Most people won’t be bringing a Dark iron set to be running flags, and if they do, frost nova them and have the rest of the team take them out. The only people that tend to bitch about mages in PvP are the ones that try to do everything solo and have no team play skills. As for CoT nobody really knows what it’ll have in it, hell people only are assuming Naxx will be frost/shadow.

Pretty damn sure Naxx will be frost. As there will be new recipes from Argent Dawn (revered/exalted only) for frost resist gear. Not sure about shadow! And yeah, noone who isn’t retarded carries resist gear for PvP.

And I’m fairly certain that CoT is an instance. I’ve read stuff like that you go back in time and help Thrall escape fort whatever. It’d be cool if you went back to the battle of Hyjal.

I like the changes. Beside Pyro being a pre-req to Blastwave, the synergies made the class smoother without hurting the playstyle. I been wanting blastwave for ages.

Alot will try Elementalist, not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing, since they’re going in blindfolded. The best they should do is ask a old-school elementalist.

It would also leave your computer with a bleeding ass in an abandoned alleyway if it was even close to the scale of what Hyjal was in WC3 lore. :stuck_out_tongue:



my life is 3x better since quitting playing WoW. it’s so tedious and there’s no point, the pvp sucks, warlocks are impossible to beat with any class, i could go on…

i can’t go on, i’ll go on

Warlocks are impossible to beat with any class?

You aren’t retarded, are you?

Warlock My Ass,There no that hard to beat

BTW Nice gear Frame :slight_smile:

Warlocks are a joke, especially for fury warriors. Deathwish then you massacre them.

Warlocks are a pain if they have a succub out, have death coil, have actual skill and you’re a shitty rogue or something, but otherwise it’s not that bad.

I know my hunter chewed out warlocks before and still would now.

Warlocks are the hardest class for me to beat. Tonshit of resist, HP, defense, and their friggin felbeast that keep eating my spells.

Not like the hunters, so predictable once you get in their dead zone. Short range instant AoEs for the win.

You do go back to the battle of Hyjal Lanyx, they say it in a trailer for the expansion on the main site.

Also, Warlocks are not THAT hard to beat, we are a very powerful, but very situational class.

For example: A warlock with a succu facing a warrior is alot different then a lock with an imp or a void or a fel facing a warrior. Which is why I have a talent that helps prevent these certain situations :stuck_out_tongue: One if the biggest mistakes I see people do when they fight against me is just completely ignore my pet. The pets…even with full buffs, don’t have that much hp. Just two shot the pet and the lock is alot weaker :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah…QFT on What OFX said about the comp ass rape, but hey, it would still be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

people in my guild say warlock or so Fucking hard I say hell no why can i three shot them with my iceblot there not hard Here is what i do

WOF Counterspell iceblot Pom iceblot iceblot there dead some warlock i have to iceblock

You’re probably fighting noob warlocks. Either that or you’re not on a PVP server and are relating experience in duels or something, which isn’t even WoW.

They’ve got more HP than two warriors combined, all the nukes of a mage, and a fucking pet for some unknown added bonus. And what the fuck is this bullshit about dismissing their enigma pet to summon w/e the hell they feel like.

Of course, I played a mage, the sick man of WoW. I was also the only good mage I’ve ever seen. I used to PERFECT every alliance mage I came across (and those poor rogues–warriors without charge). Locks were the only thing I had trouble with.