Wow! Square Enix's newest work. Surprising.


It’s all about the Marioland basketball games now!

Hopefully it’ll be good. Not that it’s a bad idea (I prefer crazy sports games over realism sports games), just not what we’d expect.

(kay, no blitzball mode, plzthx)


Grah. Blasted forums.

Mario Basket <b>3</b>? There were two others?

Mario Basket 3-on-3

Nintendo sure is whoring out the Mario characters to like… every sport imaginable.

Golf and Tennis? Great! Then putting Mario characters in NBA Street Volume 3 was kind of cool. Mario Baseball was starting to push it… That crazy soccer game was way over the line (I never even heard about that one until I saw a demo in Gamestop)… now a Mario basketball game? Man… Then again, I do tend to really like the Mario sports games, so I don’t know what I’m complaining about. =P

I’m still waiting for Mario Bowling! I’ve just always thought bowling would be the type of sport Mario, being a fat plumber, would be playing. =P

Mario Baseball was a complete flop. This way looks better.

I liked Golf to a point.

I enjoyed Tennis.

Both of these sports require a large amount of wealth.

Basketball does not.

Who will Basketball appeal to? This is definatly a smart move by Nintendo. Curse you and your marketing!



Don’t forget Mario Kart! It’s a Mario take on the second highest rated sport(…), NASCAR!


NASCAR didn’t start to get REALLY popular until AFTER Super Mario Kart was released…

Coincidence? I think not!

It must be a conspiracy of corporate proportions.

Just a few more games,and Mario will have all game genres under his belt.

Anyway I just had a great idea,since Mario is going sports now,so how about a Mario Football game developed by EA I mean if Square-Enix can do basketball EA can sure do the football game.


Ah yes, I remember that. You just watch. That’ll be next.

(Square-Enix is doing basketball, not baseball, but anyway…)

Not likely, since American Football has no popularity in Japan (and very, very little popularity in Europe… I don’t think NFL Europe has really captured the hearts of the continent…). The other sports games that Mario has done have been sports that the Japanese have at least SOME interest in (baseball’s huge there, soccer’s huge everywhere, there are lots of Japanese golfers and tennis players… even basketball is getting popular in East Asia, although it’s much bigger in China than in Japan)… A football game with Mario probably wouldn’t sell well outside of America, since the rest of the world doesn’t really care about the sport. And I doubt Nintendo, a Japanese company, would lend its characters for a game that would probably sell pretty well in America, but not well at all in Japan.

I suggest you play Mutant League Football for the Genesis instead. =P

Well, he has TAUGHT TYPING. :booster:

I’m mostly bothered by the fact that in the first screen shot, it looks like someone threw a bob-omb instead of a basket ball…
That poor bob-omb. ;_;

(Either that or Wario ate something really bad before the game. :P)

We have an American Football League?! We do get NFL games shown here it is really ESPN or ABC or Fox (or any other US Network) on in game comenteary. When US goes to the studio or to a advetisement, we get the UK Studio. If the show is airing a non-live event or a clips from the game. Quite often the sponserd Camreas (Like NHL’s in net ones) they are try to cover it up… quite often “The Five cam” (The Cannel is called Five and is forced to use its own logo to cover it up)

We don’t have any Pro Baseball Teams here in the UK, we have some good teams but they are not good enough to take Any Pro american or pro Japan team. Base Ball or Softball Games are brilliant sellers.

Before Mario Kart, I heard than Fomula Nippon was and is very popular, more than Fomula One is in Japan which was and is very popular. Europe, Partulay England, F1 is very poular here too.

Soccer or as I call Football, is Englands No1 game… So Mario Smash Football as it will be called is great for the UK market… Mario (Superstar) Baseball just realesed on Friday isn’t going to do extremly well. It sell, just not as much as Mario Kart will.

Video-games are declining.