WoW Cataclysm

I unsubbed last December, only played maybe two days (at $15 a pop) since then.

Anyone else planning on resubbing for this? I have been and continue to be skeptical but tbh all the changes that are going in look really good, at least to me. Worgans look more awesome every time I bother to check them out, they seem to be pushing a return to Classic/BC style mechanics, and the switch to 10-man raiding means I might finally be able to find a decent group of people to raid with on a schedule I can deal with.

I’m a bit bummed on the thought of leaving my BC-era shaman behind forever but I think it’s time for a fresh start on a new server. Maybe I’ll transfer him if I stick with it this time.

Nice that Shaman looks awesome! Yeah, it is hard to leave a character that you’ve spent so much time and effort into.

I personally have never played WOW and I’ve heard great things about it, but I’ve always wandered is it worth paying like per month to play as oppose to other similar games for free… (just asking? :P)

Games like WoW will add new content more regularly than other games. If you’re comparing to other free mmo’s , WoW is better developed. On the other hand, it’s hard to play casually until you reach max level since there’s a system in place to reward you for everything.

Yeah more updates and content would be beneficial, it would certainly beat any MMO I’ve played, lol!

I don’t understand what you mean by that? From what I understand… wouldn’t that deter people from playing?

I might do so. But I don’t want to have to buy the WotLK expansion in the process in order to reach some content and play a goblin.

After grinding in the revamped zones, I’d probably just ham it up in the 29,39,49 BG bracket until I get bored again.

Good ol, Huntard battlegrounds… haven’t BLAMed anyone since last year in June… long overdramatic sigh…

I dunno. I’ve always wanted to go back and play WoW again, but I haven’t played in 3 years and apparently a LOT has changed since then. Damn good game and can be pretty addicting. There’s usually plenty to do. I ended up quitting since I started to actually juggle college and work (didn’t leave me much leeway, and it wasn’t worth 15 bucks a month anymore).

Last I checked though, my WoW account got hacked a few months back and I had to jump through some hoops to get it attached to my account.

I may have joined two thoughts together in what I wrote.

Anyway, that’s what got me to stop playing. Grinding up to max level was just not fun. The reward system is supposed to make the grinding/leveling system seem more fun. Some people liken it to operant conditioning. Or is that operant learning. Either way the carrot on the stick approach has worked on enough people so they have millions of subscribers playing on many realms.

The whole assistance to leveling does have somewhat of an impact, however at the end of the day… it still takes ages to max out a character (and I mean real-time “ages.”) But you do have a point, so many people play it… so it’s obviously worked, lol! xD

Anyone else find it only slightly ironic and funny that Cataclysm was released on Pearl Harbor Day?

In any case, to those who bought the game, have fun grinding your goblins.

It takes anything but ages to max out a character in World of Warcraft, and the reward system (other than the pvp…) is the least rewarding reward system of any reward system I’ve ever reward system

Regardless, I’m going to be picking this up and checking out the high-end play at some point or another with my guild. Though I wonder how well I’ll be grandfathered in with 10-man raids… 10… wtf we did UBRS with more than that at first