Would you like to read my manga?

Here is a link for it:http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=2193102

Galaxy Warrior Shon. Let me know what you think of it!

It’s pretty good. I was confused about the old town mixed with futuristic war theme you had going. I’ve seen stuff before, like Firefly, but actually reading it took some time to sort out. It was likely because of how you introduced it with the intergalactic space battles and then contrasted it with the tavern and the grandfather’s joke about horses.

That’s kinda after the war, some planets and moon settlements went a little backward in time. I hope to have more published in or around August or September. By the way, what did you think of Mialinxa? ^^

Um, doesn’t manga imply use of images, like a comic?

This was kinda step one in it. I can’t draw, so this is just the story so far without the images. I have to find someone to draw them for me. If anyone wants to let me know!

I wouldn’t mind drawing it. Although, my backgrounds aren’t anything to good yet. My art:

She’s a Fenris, right? The name implies wolf, but for some reason I kept picturing her as a cat.

Her character, anyway, came off as a spoiled rich kid, best friend type. Possibly future love interest.

Not bad, Not bad at all!

You’re pretty good, if you’d like to try, I’d be happy to let you!

Lex, she’s actually a cat girl. Yep you got her personality down pat, though I’m not sure about the love interest. Possible though it might go that way.

Chocobo, thanks a lot!

Sure, I’ll do it. ^^

I’ve sent you some info about three of the main characters, I hope you got them, if not I’ll try later! Hey there Lex, I see we’re viewing the same thread!!! ^^

You mean e-mail? I’ll go check.

EDIT: No, I haven’t gotten it yet if it’s e-mail.

I wouldnt love GWS to become a show. But its very similar to Gundam since it has mechs. (Funny,the’re always an animes favourite) Anyways, I love it! I think its great. I was expecting pictures though…:frowning: You seem to have quite a talent there; the animation as I picture it, would be like a cross between SEED and .hack//

Thank you very much! I hope to have more sometime in August or September.

It’ll be around 50 chapters, divided into “5” volumes, each around 7 chapters each!

Kirokokori, no it wasn’t an email, I really don’t want to do such a thing as you are so young and where I’m in my thirties, a 30 year old man emailing an almost thirtreen year old girl does not seem appropriate.

I had hoped the file to transfer into a prive message or something, but apparently not. So hopefully you’ll get a good idea about how the characters look by reading the manga. Sorry for the confusion.

I wouldn’t mind if you emailed me, but that’s okay. So, can you just copy/paste the info into a pm?

I’ll give it a shot! I have updated third chapter as well!

I have the fourth chapter if anyone wants to read it!