Would you care if I died?

This isn’t for newbies that don’t know me.

I’d be sad. But then again, I’m not a newbie.

Not really, I mean, if I died would you miss me? No. I doubt anyone really would miss anyone else if they died… but hey, someone go die and prove me wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


I would ;_;

Aww, cmon, Charlemagne, baby, you know I love ya! All yo bitches do!

I’d care, mind you I’m insane. Oh wait so’s everyone else, so yeah I’d care.


The boards wouldn’t be the same without you, Charl.

Not really. I don’t really know you, and chances are someone would fill your gap after you leaving anyways. Although this place would suck without you though.

If you died, like SOON, hell yes I’d be sad. ;_;

Honestly, if it were years from now, when we’re all old and wrinkly in old folks homes demanding some good games, and good food to boot, I probably wouldn’t… but only because my old memory would fail me. :S

I’d miss you Charle. Besides you can’t die till we see all your face… not just the eyes.
Besides the broards would miss your insightful remarks.

Of course I’d care, what kind of a question is that. If nothing else, I really want to know what you look like without a Spiderman mask pasted over your face and without a garbage bag ninja mask

You’re not hinting at anything, are you?

C’mon, without Charle, there wouldn’t be a person eating all the newbies’ faces! We luv u man ;_;

Seriously, though.
The subtext of that question is not something to be ignored!

Take note: To find out how much someone cares about you, kill yourself.

And, seeing as how I’ve known you in my past life, I’d care. You mkae the best threads.

Don’t die charl ;; we’d miss you and the boards wouldn’t be the same without ya’. ;;:too bad;