Would some of the scenarios from Saga Frontier make a good Movie

I think if someone used one of the scenarios from Saga Frontier it would be a good movie. Asellus’s and Emelia’s would probably be the best and it would be hard to make one of Blue’s and Lute’s. The best thing about the movies would be that they are all different but in a way similar.

Storyline wise, sure. Red’s scenario would make a good action-comedy. Lute’s could pull the same off.
But if you tried to put the world of SaGa Frontier into a movie, the American audience would reject it.

I guess an anime was better, I would watch it…

What I’d like to see as movie for any SaGa is like a true story. So for SaGa Frontier I’d want to start a character who could be involved in every quest. Ie Gen, Lute, Emelia, or Annie. We could see the story through the said character’s eyes sort of. Some story events have to be changed or altered since the seven quests already contradict each other somewhat probably. But that would be a for a tv series. For movies based on each quest. Asellus would be my first choice, but I’d want to see the others as well. Why Asellus? Because Rei is in her story.

In a live action SaGa Frontier, who would play each character?

I’d definitely recommend Hugh Jackman to play Gen. If Arnold ever stops governing, he could do the voice of one of the robots.

Red’s would be sort of cheesey and I think it would be better to have characters that play an important part of the story like for Asellus’s story White Rose, Illdon, Mersathim, Rei and Zozma or for Red’s Doll, Fuse, Annie and Rabbit or Emelia’s entourage.

Id like to see Gens story, from the fall of Wakatu until he ends up with one/some/all of the

main characters


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