Would anyone like to play Heaven and Earth?

If anyone read my puzzle thread some time ago, I have a game for us all to play… well three, depending.

The first will be the “Pilgrimage” Mode. I will start a new Pilgrimage, and then post a screenshot of each puzzle presented.

It will be up to you to give me the solution. Step by step we’ll go, and I will count who was the first to successfully solve each puzzle. The winner will be the one who solves the most.

After each puzzle, I’ll post a small description of the rules that pertain to the puzzle, you will be expected to read the rules. I DO warn you though, that several of the puzzles will be hard to solve with just a screenshot, so if all contestants ask, I will do my best to skip that puzzle.

The second will be “Illusions” I will take a several puzzles from the Illusions to be solved. Otherwise it will be exactly like the “Pilgrimage”, ending at maybe thirty puzzles.

Finally, I offer the Solitare game. In this game, the highest scorer wins.

You will have to deal with four separate decks. The first deck you will have to choose one card each from twelve sets of four drawn cards to use. The second will have three cards to choose from, the third will have two cards to choose from, and the final deck give you a set of twleve cards straight to work with.

From those twelve cards you are required to form tricks. The most successful player wins.

In all of the games, I HIGHLY suggest you download “Heaven and Earth” so you can familiarize yourself with the rules of each Illusion and the card game.

So, any puzzle masters willing to take on the challenge? Tell me what game(s) you’d like to play, and if there are enough takers, we’ll start.

Each puzzle will have a set time limit, usually about two or three days. I may have longer times for the “Pilgrimage” though.

Seems interesting. I’m in. I need something to fark up my head anyways. Airplane glue just don’t cut it nowanddayz

nods What game? I’m hoping to have at least five contestants each.