Worst day of the Week

Thursday, dammit! I hate Thursday.

The ones where I am awake :stuck_out_tongue:


Wednesday. No contest.

All the days but Saturday and Sunday, because I don’t have to go back to school on those days. But Monday’s the worst.

I agree, I hate Mondays that are school days. My system is basically in shock from getting up too early, and I’m all sluggish and my mind has melted from the weekend.

I hate Tuesdays, since it is then that the fact that I have several more days in school till the weekend sets in.

ugh… Monday!!! Totally MONDAY!!

Thursday. Bad things always happen to me on Thursdays.

Thursday. Bad things always happen to me on Thursdays.

Exactly. That and I always have the worst class schedule on Thursday.

Mondays, because it’s just off the weekend and I’m exhuasted no matter what. Tuesday, because even though it’s not Monday, the week is still far from being over.

Mondays, I have twice as many classes on Mondays.

I n like Wednesdays. I fell really rushed cause I have art club after school, then some practice thing for drum corps and then church, and i have to eat sometime in between that…


No clue why.

Wednesday. Close enough to the weekend that it tempts you but far enough to make you pull your hair out

Wednesday. I have the worst luck on Wednesdays.

I hate Saturday. Actually, for the most part, I simply hate weekends; all of the idiotic high schoolers in my neighborhood drive around in their little rice burners and shit, and they annoy me greatly.