World of XEEN remake

Hi there, I have begun a process of making a modern port of World of Xeen. But i don’t have any experience with this sort of thing, I just love this game and I would like to be able to play it on a modern computer (maybe even on another os than windows).

But I need help, preferably some good hackers that can disassemble the .exe file and someone with an understanding of midi music from old games, but any suggestions are welcome.

I have made a (not quite up to date) page at:

(Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum)

I have never heard of this. Care to give a bit of background information?

My cheshire is cooler than yours.

As for Xeen, that game rocks, and I wish you the best of luck with your attempt. I wish I could add something to give you assistance. But instead let me just sing praise of the older Might and Magic games and of you, who wishes to ressurrect them.

You mean bring the .exe out to just the source?

I have never heard of this. Care to give a bit of background information?

On what? The game? Or do you want to know more than is says on the page? If that is the case please specify what you want to know.

You mean bring the .exe out to just the source?

Well, I have disassembled the .EXE myself and looked a little at it, but my skills as an assembly programmer are virtually non existent. What I need is someone that can help me find the offsets for the various files in the data file.
I also would like to extract the script files from the .EXE or where ever they may be (this is not the highest priority right now).

A little random information about the project and me:
I dont have any experience in making games, hacking games or dissasembly, but I have a hope that someday when (if) the first working is released we could begin adding more advanced features, like new textures, 3d models and so on dreams.

I have just about done all that I can on the project on my own and I now need someone with some better understanding of the missing parts, I have written several tools for decoding and extraction of the main game archive. I can now extract all game files (if I know where to find them) and I can even decode the sprites and convert them to .PNG. The sound files are stored as .VOC files and I have extracted and played those with success.

My cheshire is cooler than yours.

nu-uh! :wink:

The game. I’ve never heard of the game. <-- the game
It is imo one of the best rpgs ever, and a part of the Might & Magic series.

there is a bit of reading about the game…

WizardStan on gamefaqs has also had an interest in a remake of this game or a new engine to launch Xeen.
I was just browsing the internet… But yeah WoX is one of the better role playing games of the Dos era.

The Darkside of Xeen board is still active a little on gamefaqs.