World community grid

Looks like this could grow to be quite something if it goes the way of SETI@home, and since it’s going to help a much broader range of projects, it can only be a good thing.

Just thought I’d get the word out on RPGC.

EDIT: Woo, thread 20K.

Read about it in the papers today. I might sign up, should really, but I hardly have any idle time anymore.

I’m for it, I’m making an team, feel free to join it.

Out of curiosity, what would be your project?

Joined, joined team. Pretty cool.

joined, yo.

Saw it on /. last night. Was planning on installing it on my home machine, and maybe another of mine this weekend.

Yeah, I’ll actually go about downloading it and joining the team once I have my computer back up and running.

We are team RPGC! We fight for truth and justice and an end to all disease!

I also roffle at the fact that according to this the greatest concentration of members is in the middle of an ocean.

I’m already dedicating my idle time to finding prime numbers. I’m 13% of the way through my fourth potential prime. Anyone know if 2^23453147-1 is prime?

I don’t know if I trust the security of this thing any more than the keystroke counter.

Elaborate plz.

EDIT for query; but wasn’t the Keystroke counter just some lame competition between who could press the most buttons in a second/whatever or something? This is kinda different.

Isn’t this from the same guys who made United Devices? Or was UD the company itself?