Workout Music?

All righty…I know this kind of thread can get repetitive, but I need some real good music to run by and also practice boxing by. I’m looking preferably for death metal, industrial, rock, and electronic. Here’s a few I have so far:

DJ Tiesto - Viola
The Crystal Method - The Winner
The Crystal Method - Blowout
Rammstein - Links 2 3 4
Rammstein - Mein Teil
Rammstein - Morgenstern
Rammstein - Moskau
Turmion Katilot - Verta ja Lihaa (my current favorite even if it is Finnish)

Boxing? I’m sorry, but you have to have Rocky there. Anywhere from Gonna Fly Now to Eye of the Tiger to No Easy Way Out to the training montage from Rocky IV. I know it’s nowhere near the genres you requested, but come on. You want boxing workout music, and it’s Rocky.

Herr Rommel - maybe you could get some music from one of your countrymen from that time - Max Schmelling- didn’t he write “Ballad for a washed up , overrated fighter” especially after the Brown Bomber Ko’ed him quick in the 1st round of their rematch here in the 1930’s.This is not meant to be a comment on your puglistic talents.i was just remembering Max Schmelling the great german fighter of the 30’s died recently at 99. i am certain that Rommell was probably one of his fans.

Ministry maybe? The closest thing to death metal I can think of is Napalm Death. But that might make your brain hurt :\

Napalm Death is grindcore, not death metal.

I guess now that I’ve posted here, I should make some suggestions:

death metal
Quo Vadis

Skinny Puppy

I dunno about rock and electronica, cause rock is such a broad term that I wouldn’t know where to start, and I don’t listen to too much electronica, although I consider industrial electronica.

*edit: Napalm Death has a lot of death metal elements in their music too though, so I guess you aren’t wrong.

Death Metal:

Seconding Gila-Monster’s Recommendations
Now adding my own.
Dying Fetus(Which I think is actually GC)
In Flames
Lamb Of God
Shadows Fall

1000 Homo DJs
NIN(anything before Downward spiral, because those albums were more dancey/upbeat which is good for workouts)
OgHr(skinny puppy frontman solo)
Mindless Self Indulgence

Techno(which I don’t listen to much anymore now that my clubbing days are behind me):
First, I’ll go with my Jungle selection
Roni Size
Danny The Wild Child

Now for Trance/House/Progressive(not necessarily in order)(And I can’t mention Tiesto since you already did)
Armin Van Buuren(Close friend and contemporary of Tiesto, very good mixer, pretty close to on par with Tiesto)
Paul Van Dyk
Ferry Corsten/System F(another close friend/contemporary of Tiesto, Good, but not nearly as good as Tiesto, also involved in the Ministry of Sound)
DJ Micro(If I was you, I’d go for his more breakbeat stuff, but his trance is not bad, either)
Bad Boy Bill(I don’t know if you like Chi-town style house or not, I actually don’t, but this is an exception)
DJ Funk(the other exception for Chicago house, but tends to spin/remix a lot of BBB’s stuff, though his original stuff is as good as booty house gets)

Wow, I can’t believe I forgot Dying Fetus. And I wouldn’t consider Nine Inch Nails industrial… they’re more like pop with industrial and dark synth influences or something. I don’t know, NIN is a weird band genre-wise.

Mindless Self Indulgence is industrial? I always kind of threw them into the same group as Bloodhound Gang.

MSI is a bunch of stuff.
I just call them good to make it easier :smiley:

Music doesn’t make that much difference to me, but I’m sorta ADD so the music drifts in and out. That said, I use a lot of Goa trance; moodsyne, Chi A.D. and Space Buddha.

That or I put on <i>Conan the Barbarian</i>. The whole movie is the story of Conan having one long, hard, decades-&-change-long workout session.

lamb of god and shadows fall are death metal??
I wouldn’t call em that but they’re good bands all the same…

i’d recommend Kataklysm… their music is fast and pretty straightforward
and though it’s not death metal i’d like to recommend Machine Head’s first album ‘Burn My Eyes’

yea, for workout music, you basically need hard-hitting euro-dance music… nothing else does the job really. Search around on itunes for “euro club hits” or check this link:

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