Word of warning... (KOTOR 2 Related)

If you plan on getting KOTOR2 when it comes out on PC, don’t. Unless they have a patch that fixes Nar Shadaa (or however it’s spelled).

Last christmas, my parents sold my soul to the dark one and got me an XBox. So far, so good.

I finally get to play KOTOR using said XBox, as my computer sucks. I love it. Still good.

Then I get my greedy hands on KOTOR2. The game starts out well enough, with only a few frustrating areas. Still good.

Then I hit Nar Shadaa…and the game collapses into a wormhole.

First, there are numerous instances where the frame rate drops from a good 30 fps to about, say, 2 fps. Even when there’s not a damn thing on the screen but your character, a bunch of blank walls, and maybe a footlocker. I wasn’t even holding a lightsaber and it happened. It’s REALLY bad, though, when you’re in the middle of a fight, and the game suddenly starts chugging.

After many painful hours, I reached the last area of Nar Shadaa, only to be hit with an instant crash. I reloaded my save and started again, and made it past the crash point, only to crash again a few minutes later. Between constant crashes, the game would constantly refuse to let me target ANY enemies, and when it did, my characters would just stand there like idiots and let things hit them.

What makes these even more suspect, however, is the fact that THEY NEVER OCCURED OUTSIDE OF NAR SHADAA. There were no crashes on Telos. The frame rate did just fine on Dantoine. My characters never stood like idiots on Korriban or Onderon. So therefore, the entire planet of Nar Shadaa is bugged beyond belief, and if the port of the first KOTOR can be used as an example, the PC version will fare even worse.

Just had to vent. It’s sad when things like this nearly ruin a perfectly fine game.

Yeah, you see, since the game comes out several months later then the Xbox version, it gives them time to fix shit and add stuff. Just like what they did with the first game.

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When they said it was a ‘PC in a box’ they meant what they said.

It wasnt done by bioware… I’m worried.

Need I bring up GC Linux and Linux for the PS2? Or the name of the PS2 being Computer Entertainment System? The other consoles are just as much a PC as the XBOX, besides, there is nothing wrong with computer games.

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yeah, KOToR had many bugs in the original release. The PC version had some fixed, but many more cropped up. But PCs had something the Xbox doesnt have (unless you have live, and if the developers can use live); Patches. KOToR runs just fine on PC now. Oh, as far as performance goes, my PC can keep up with it :smiley:

The fact that you have to purchase a 1400$ PC to run the most recent.

PS2 and GC games don’t have potentially game-breaking bugs in them.

They do. They’re just not games you play on a regular basis; they’re the games that end up in bargain bins after five minutes. That, and the PS2 and GC both had Blood Omen 2.


  1. Will the developers labor day and night, forsaken family, friends, beer, and sex, so they can fix the fifteen football fields of broken code, so they can fix every single problem on that planet, so that they can make sure the game runs evenly on all planets, on all systems?


  1. Will the developers just port the game and sit on their fat asses until complaints start rolling in, then release a patch that fixes only one problem while creating a hundred others?

The answer is often “2.”

Exactly. There’s a fundamental difference between bargain-bin games made on a shoestring budget and Knights of the Old Republic II.

edit; wait, BO2? What was wrong with that? I bought and traded it back in a year or so ago and it worked fine.

I’m going with “fix the glaring errors that cause game over bugs”. But it doesn’t matter, I’ll play it regardless, just not on the XBox cause I’m not forking over money for a system I’d play like 3 games on.

The answer is generally 3: bugs get uncovered but due to time and budget restraints from managers they are unable to get fixed. The developers themselves don’t want to do that but are forced to. DS posted something about it a while back, look it up.

Just got the game. Loving it. Got to Telos. Must continue playing.

Can’t wait till I get my silver lightsaber, in order to serve the lightside :slight_smile:

Lightside rocks!

This fucking sucks, I just got it from amazon and now I find out that unlike KotOR 1, 2 refuses to run on Radeon 7500s. Hurry up and release a patch/driver, Lucasarts/ATI.

Well, after finishing the game with a LS Guardian/Master, I have to say I’m quite disappointed with the ending. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think too much stuff was left out in that part, and some of the things that happen in the last area aren’t even properly explained. The game itself wasn’t bad, and I’m already considering starting a new one, and I have to say the idea of Force forms and saber styles was good, but there weren’t many chances to effectively use anything besides Force Channel, the first saber style, and little else. The Ataru style sounded interesting, but I didn’t have any chances to use it until the very end, at which point I just hacked away with Force Enlightenment and Master Flurry. HK-47 is as funny as always, and if you’re playing LS, you’ll definitely want to get the HK Pacifist Module for a few laughs.

Strangely enough, I think I got a truckload of influence with Visas just because of a conversation choice right after I broke her saber. After that scene was over, I saw that her alignment was already going off the charts in LS. Could it be a bug, or was it supposed to happen?

I didn’t encounter a single bug in this playthrough, although because of my graphics card, the people that appeared in holograms didn’t have the correct texture, so instead of that blue translucent aspect, they looked as if they were actually there. Overall, I think this game ran even better than the original, and even though my computer crashed a couple of times on the first day, it never bothered me again after that.