I just finished getting boned in the rear by my country’s conversion rates and import fees, but I’m still happy. I am the proud owner of the console everyone else has had for several years: Sony Playstation 2.

So now it’s time I start making up for all the hours I spent replaying PSX games by locking myself up and going into week long gaming binges… Not really, I can’t possibly play anything for more than 8 hours in a row and that is in extreme and far-between cases, but since Winter Break is coming up I’ll have to stay in my room either way (Traditional winter flu, gets me every year).

So far I only have one game, but this is the list of what I’m planning to buy/snatch from a friend. I need you to complete the list with stuff you like. Please, even though there are some games from other genres, keep it restricted to RPGs if possible:

[li]Xenosaga: Episode I
[/li][li]Xenosaga: Episode II
[/li][li].hack//G.U. (Whenever it comes out)
[/li][li]Harvest Moon – Wonderful Life Special Edition (Somewhere around 2006… I wonder why am I such a sick fan of this series)
[/li][li]Megaman X7 (I know you say it sucks, but I’m a completion whore)
[/li][li]Megaman X8
[/li][li]Megaman Command Mission
[/li][li]Megaman X Aniversary Collection (Around Decemeber, right?)
[/li][li]Samurai Legend Musashi (Same deal as X7)
[/li][li]Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (My second GTA, after GTA2)
[/li][li]Final Fantasy X
[/li][li]Final Fantasy X-2
[/li][li]Final Fantasy XII
[/li][li]Suikoden III
[/li][li]Suikoden IV

I think that’s about it. Please enlighten me a bit on series such as Arc the Lad and standalone games like La Pucelle Tactics and whatever else you can think of.

Shadow Hearts is a really cool rpg. The second one is even better.

Basically, the first Shadow Hearts is set in a pre-WW1 area, and it’s about a man named Yuri. Yuri, has the ability to fuse with monsters, and has had a voice guiding him through quests. His newest quest, is to protect Alice, a young girl with strange powers, from a dark warlock named Roger Bacon. Yes, his name is Bacon. The game is alot of fun, and if you like it, you’ll absolutely love the second one.

The second one is even better.

Ooh, and pick up Metal Gear Solid 2, it’s cheap now. If you like it, then you’ll love Metal Gear Solid 3.

Star Ocean is cheap now as well, it’s fun while it lasts. Plot sucks though, but gameplay is solid.

Wild Arms 3 is cheap now too.

If you are looking for something different, get Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. The world has been destroyed and demons inhabit the earth now. You must recruit demons on your side, and decide what to do in this new world.

Devil May Cry 1 is really cheap now, there’s no reason not to pick it up. It’s one of the best games for the PS2. And if you are good enough, get Devil May Cry 3 :smiley: Pretend that Devil May Cry 2 never existed.

Umm, let’s see, what else is there?

God of War is fun while it lasts. It’s beatable in a rental.

That’s all I can think of, for now.

Am I correct in thinking this isn’t out yet?

And go with NB…DMC/DMC 3 rocks.

I also recommend Soul Calibur 2, and if you’re into third-person shooters get Freedom Fighters.

It’s a PS1 game, but Tales of Destiny. A classics RPG in the classic style, with a fun and interesting battle sytem. :slight_smile: And of course sequel of Tales of Phantasia. :slight_smile:

As for PS2, you’ve pretty much listed off all the games I’m interested in, when you said Xenosaga Episodes 1 and 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

But Dark Cloud is a decent game. (I’m talking about the first one, not the second) If you like Sim-City-esque games and Secret of Mana-style dungeon crawlers, it’s a good game to try out. (It’s too early for me to be lucid. It’s all I can do to edit my post for spelling. The descriptions might be a bit off)

DMC3 (DMC2 never happened. Capice?)
Armored Core if you’re into big ass, customizable robots
Zone of the Enders
ZOE: The 2nd Runner
Kingdom Hearts
God of War (haven’t been able to pick it up yet, but I’ve played a demo. DAMN good.)
Legaia 2: Duel Saga

Taito Memories Vol.1

It has Metal Black and Darius Gaiden, those are two good reasons to get this compilation when it gets released in the west.

For RPGs… I’m giving a nod to Ys VI : The Ark of Napishtim. The most fun A-RPG since Zelda : A Link to The Past.

  • Dynasty Warriors 5 (4 if you want a cheaper one)
  • Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
  • Half Life (2 if it exists for PS2)
  • GTA 3 & VC (It’s a double pack if you want them both at once, but I recommend VC more than 3)
  • Resident Evil Outbreak
  • Silent Hill 2-3-4 (in order of coolness)

That’s some nice reading-comprehension skills you got there.[/PIERSON]

La Pucelle Tactics is an alright game. However, it’s not that great to me, which really makes me feel kind of…bad. I’m a fan of strategy and tactical RPG’s, but for the life of me I have yet to fall madly in love with La Pucelle Tactics like I should have. The music seems somewhat uninspired to me, besides the main theme anyway and the map theme. Still, it’s got charming characters so far, and the game has grown on me like a mold. I like it, and I don’t know why. Makes me want to get Disgaea.

-Front Mission 4: It can sell for less than 20 dollars over here. It’s a rather good strategy RPG, but Front Mission 3 has a very cool non-linear element to it in the form of a “virtual” internet. Front Mission 3 sells for even less, and has branching paths to make the game have more replay value. If you take out the branching paths, and if you aren’t into the internet thing, then more than likely you’ll want FM4. It’s a better game if you ignore the fact that Square decided to take a step backward for whatever reason and make it linear. FM3 is for the PSX though.

-Arc The Lad: Twilight of The Spirits: It’s not anything special, but it is a pretty good game. Get it on the cheap, or don’t get it at all. It has it’s moments of grandeur, though, and some good charcters.

I would mention Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, but truth be told, it’s the same way as Xenosaga. You’ll either think it’s a masterpiece or a mess. You seem strapped for cash, and I’m a pennypincher myself, so I’d pass unless you could try it out first. It’s a very short game.

You’ll find your answer below…

IF possible->Impossible->Command cannot be executed.

WTF? Is Pierson a new command?
Now go and get what I recommended you.

I don’t have a ps2 ;; but then I’m not really a gamer often, finished earthbound up for first time about last week or so. >>;

Kingdom Hearts
Ratchet & Clank/Jak series
Katamari Damacy
Guilty Gear X2

I know only one is an RPG, but these are just some of my favorite games…so yeah.

Shin Megami Tensei : Digital Devil Saga

It’s like Nocturne, only more refined, better, and more comprehensible for the standard gamer.

MY GOD! I’ve been playing Xenosaga I for FOUR HOURS and I still haven’t got past delivering KOS-MOS’ stupid progress report! I’ve been reading encyclopedic explanations for EVERY SINGLE SPEC OF DUST IN THE DAMN SHIP, this thing even looks like one of those malls designed specifically so you can never find an exit and I know that the time spent memorizing the passages will be wasted, because by the laws of Video Gaming Transport, THE ENEMY WILL SHOOT DOWN THE SHIP IN LIKE FIFTY MINUTES! PLEASE, SOMEONE PUT A BULLET TROUGH MY BRAIN RIGHT NOW!

You should’ve listened to all my complaints in other threads. Xenosaga fucking sucks.

I didn’t really think Xenosaga sucked, it was just… meh. Not worth my time or money, but not really bad, either.

They’re for PSX, but try the Lunar games (Silver Star Story Complete and Eternal Blue Complete). I really enjoyed SSSC; I haven’t finished EBC yet, but I’ve enjoyed it so far (although not as much as SSSC, but a fair number of people seem to like the second game better).

Yeah…I was thinking about warning you about that…

Is this in the Woglinde? If so you need to find about three of the flat looking Gnosis eating an Agws. There should be a passage leading down. I got stuck too.
Edit: Sorry. That happens a bit later. I don’t remember this part.

I just got to the Elsa, holy shit KOS-MOS is the coolest female character I’ve ever seen. By the way, I couldn’t find the keys for the closed red door #16 in the Woglinde, that’s lost forever right?

It looks good so far, it’s a very interesting movie with some breaks for battling in between.