Woo! I want to play RO now!

Seriously, what’d you expect from the same people that couldn’t put together a coherent SENTANCE?

Why, exactly, wouldn’t you want to encrypt personal user information?

Encryption is one of the main things needed in the world today. Hell, even with encryption, if you figure oiut the encryption algorith it’s still not good.

Yeah too bad a lot of that’s wrong.

Good thing that’s like three weeks old, and the answer for “How long the servers will be down” was about 20 minutes.

Strange my server is up and I’ve been playing all morning.

Yeah, but the date on the article is June 20. It’s so outdated it isn’t funny.

It’s outdated because GM’s, well, GM. It doesn’t change the fact that the event HAPPENED and that Gravity is still useless. Nor does it mean that this won’t happen again; I’m betting that Gravity learns from these experiences as much as the RIAA.

Maybe my losing interest in the game was meant to be. After recovering from the first rollback, a second one would be chaotic for me.

That’s like, what, the fifth time now?