Wolf's Rain

i hate to say something like this about my second favorite anime, (first being Cowboy Bebop) but did anybody else notice that every character appears to be wearing eyeliner? I noticed this when i was watching one of the recap episodes and it showed Cheza falling towards the cave bugs, you know the one/s, and it was playing very emo music. Thats when it dawned on me, emos, it fits perfectly if you’ve watched the series. i just like to ignore it telling myself that good 'ol Shinichiro Watanabe wouldn’t make a story about a bunch of emo wolves. anyway i finally forced myself to watch the series for a second time yesterday, laughed cried you know, and the emo situation never really came up. so what do you guys think, emo anime, or good anime?

i just realized how pointless this post is somebody can close/delete it if they want.

yes the eyeliner or “emo-ness” of this anime definately should be the deciding factor of its quality. :boring:

um, I doubt that eyeliner should be used as a deciding factor to quality in anything. Except, an eyeliner commercial?
If you like the show, and think its got too much eyeliner, does that really bug you enough to ruin the show for you?

i like how people reply after i say this post can be closed/deleted or whatever you guys do here.

We don’t generally close discussions unless there’s a really good reason for it.

I couldn’t get through the show. Never really caught my interest enough to watch more than a few bits and pieces.

To be honest, the whole show really kinda confused the hell out of me. Lots of shit didn’t make sense, and I did miss some episodes here and there. Not bad, but not really great.

I think missing episodes was what messed it up for me, because I did like what I saw. It’s back in my Netflix queue.

Having watched all the episodes, I can safely say that the “lol wut” effect with the whole Jaguara mess and the end is not diminished in the least. It’s simply not well narrated, so things just seem very abrupt.

And the ending is still incomprehensible.

how is it incomprehensible? you guys that are saying it didn’t make sense must have the mental capacity of a…cat maybe? i understood everything that happened and it all made sense. nothing was left unexplained.

It couldn’t really hold my interest too well after the early episodes. The “Anniversary Dinner,” was memorably great, though. It just did a lot of things wrong in its storyline and character development that detracted from it, I feel.

None of them were the [strike]redheaded[/strike] frulleted stepchild of hardcore, either.

Anniversary Dinner?

One character invites his ex-wife to a dinner for the anniversary of their divorce. I thought that was brilliant.

oh yea, now i remember. I liked the one that wasn’t depressing…oh wait.