Wish to Shrine

Hello everyone,

Since I have just joined I wish to introduce myself first. I am new completely to RPGclassics and have never been on these forums before. I have been on several different forums before and I agree to follow forum rules. In the future, I look forward to an enjoyable experience with everyone here.

Now as for why I’m posting here:

I want to announce my wish to shrine The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap for the Game Boy Advance. I originally wished to shrine Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls, however after some thinking and rereading the list of available shrines I decided I would change my option to LoZ:MC. After playing the game through multiple times and finding all possible kinstone fusing events, I believe I can provide a great amount of information for this game. I have worked with spriting in the past and may use that method to create maps, character pics, enemy pics, boss pics, item pics, etc. for use on the shrine. I may be creating a video walkthrough as well to use as a visual method of helping visitors. Since I do own the game, I will be able to use the Rom to record sections of the game to post on my Youtube account. I will be using a written version in addition if I do decide to record a video walkthrough, or just have a written version alone.

I have read that I am not supposed to request a shrine here, but I was referred to this page to post the request due to the join email address on the join page being inactive. Thank you for your time.


The reason it’s inactive is because shrines are basically no longer happening, I’m afraid, regardless of how much you want to do one.

Well, if he really wanted, he could go and make one on the Wiki.

Too many chiefs not enough indians, and the chiefs don’t care to get indians.

If someone wants to make an old fashioned shrine, I don’t see why not. It is a shrine already being shrined though; so formally we’d have to contact LightBrought first, I think.