wireless keyboards

Unfortunately, I’ve been abusing my current spacebar too much and it’s beginningto get worse touse. I may have to go get a new keyboard even, which is real sad because I think I’ve had this one for 7-10 years. If I do get one, I want to look at the wirelessmodels because they seem groovy. What I wantto know is what sort of experience do any of y’all have withthem. Do they respond well? Even with things such as games? Thanks.

I’ve got a Logitech wireless keyboard and it works great. I haven’t noticed any problems with it and it doesn’t seem to use batteries quickly at all.

Wireless isn’t too bad. I don’t use them because of the upkeep (It’s gotta get power somewhere, and batteries are still fairly expensive), and the fact that it seemed to stutter in certain positions. I switched back to a corded mouse, eventually, then dumped the keyboard.

Wireless is fine if you want a more mobile keyboard (Dunno why though), but I wouldn’t bother.

Maybe XCG has had better wireless keyboards than I had.

Wireless keyboards always seemed a ripoff to me. You’ll spend a ton on batteries, so why not just buy a normal one?

Just think about this: How often have you been restricted by your keyboard cord. Almost Never, right?

Never ever buy a wireless mouse if you want to do well in FPS games :stuck_out_tongue:
Wireless keyboards, I have no idea, but buying a keyboard with a really long cord feels pretty much the same and less expensive :stuck_out_tongue:

it’d be more for the cool appeal than utility. I was just wondering whether it lagged. I never thought about the battery problem though.

Right now i’m typing with my Logitech Cordless DUO MX combo (wireless mouse and keyboard) on my bed which is pretty far away from the reciever and no lag at all. Even with games it never had any bugs ^^ The combo costs 130 dollars canadian and I say its pretty much worth it. Especially when watching movies and watching anime on your computer and you feel real lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and also, there’s a bunch of buttons on the keyboard you can configure like the media buttons which you can configure to with winamp to control volume, next track, previous track, pause and play ^^ I love it. Hurrah for lazyness lol

Yeah I’ve been wondering how to configure those buttons (or rather, buttons on the mouse). Mind telling me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are crap!
At least the ones I’ve used were: They ran out of batteries all the time. You should get a neat looking wired keyboard instead. Like this one! *Nod, nod.

I don’t think i’ve mentionned it but the base station is also a recharger for the mouse when it runs out ^^ As for the buttons, check the manual cuz I don’t particularly use those :stuck_out_tongue:

also since i’ve had my new computer I have 6 usb ports so I let one standard keyboard and mouse plugged in at all times so that if ever the wireless ones run out I can use the standard ones. I just stow away the standard keyboard and mouse on the side of my desk when not in use.

So you see, there’s always a way to get around things :stuck_out_tongue: The combo I got notifies me whenever anything is about to crap out…

And if you wanna know how to configure the media buttons just press on one and the options will appear and ask you which media player you want to use with the buttons, well for my keyboard anyway :\