Winter/Spring Classes: What Are They?

My final semester is coming up, and I’m going to have the time of my life doing courses that actually matter to my major and minor. Yay!

I’m taking one winter course and five spring semester courses and I should be completely done. Huzzah!


Science Fiction in Lit & Film - ENG 395
“Explores the literary and cinematic genres dealing with speculative futures, technical extrapolation, sports and freaks of biological development, alien beings, extraterrestrial civilizations, paradoxes of time, epistemological problems, ontological puzzles, cosmology, pneumatology, eschatology, and theology.”

They offered this course last spring and I didn’t take it because I wanted to take the Tolkien class they were offering. Of course, everyone thought that this course was awesome and everyone in the Tolkien class wanted to claw their eyes out because we had the professor from Hell (a 20 page paper research paper [with 20 sources minimum], a 5page interpretive paper, one page summaries/reactions on everything we read from critical essays to novels [let’s reduce Beowulf and The Silmarillion to a page… yay!], a ten page "literature review, "a half an hour long presentation, and having to sit through her ramblings about her cat and Frodo having anal sex with Sam). I finally have the chance to take this, and I am absolutely psyched about it. I am hoping to have a very positive experience. God help me.


PHL 236 History of Modern Philosophy
This course covers major developments in European philosophy from the end of the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment. Attention is given to problems concerning the nature of Knowledge and Reality which had emerged near the end of the Middle Ages, were sharpened by the birth of modern science and the Protestant Reformation, and which posed major challenges to long-standing traditional views. Responses to these challenges were made by such major thinkers as Descartes, Locke, and Kant. These responses are studied in this course.

This finishes up my minor, and I wish that I could take History of Ancient Philosophy as well but I didn’t have the room for it and they weren’t offering it. Ah, well. Modern Philosophy is more my forté anyway. After getting Kant shoved up my ass this semester in Metaphysics this course should be a cakewalk. Also, it’s my only 200 level course.

This course is organized around an approach that is primarily historical and critical: it explores how Victorian narratives reflect intellectual and social concerns as well as how they embody conventions of the novel as a literary genre. The aim is to gain greater understanding of the novel in a particular context and at the same time of how it might be regarded as a critically defined entity. Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, Silas Marner, The Warden, The Mayor of Casterbridge and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are examined closely and discussed in connection with other works. The approach is usually a mix of lecture and discussion; occasional scenes from films of novels we are reading will be shown. Several quizzes, a mid-term essay exam, a cumulative final essay exam, and an interpretative paper about 3,000 words determine the term grade. This course is also listed as a graduate course.

I’m not really looking forward to this class. Don’t get me wrong: I’m really looking forward to the readings. I’ve just heard… horror stories about Loe. I’m not sure if they are justified or not, but I’m hoping they aren’t.

CRW 395 - GRAPHIC NOVEL - Heimes
This course is a hands-on engagement with graphic literature, exploring the integration of graphics and the written word to produce visual forms of literature. Students will work with photography, found visual materials, and basic illustration to develop themes and narratives from their chosen written format (poetry, essay, memoir, etc.). The course will be taught in a media lab environment that will allow students to present and work on projects in a collaborative manner. CCIT Lab fee: $6.00

I’m looking forward to this a great deal. I was the first to sign up, and it filled up very quickly. I’m quite glad. The only problem I could possibly find is that this is a guest professor, and they fall into two categories: “fucking awesome” and “gouge my eyes out with a spoon.” I’m hoping that he is in the former category, obviously. I already have an idea for my graphic novel. It involves the ingestion of organs.

The best horror writers take real anxieties and transform them into concrete realities in order to grapple with them. In this class we will come to terms with horror as a genre, exploring its rules, forms, and techniques on theoretical as well as practical levels. You will then be able to incorporate these techniques into your own stories. 3 stories. Exercises. Written responses to readings in the horror genre.

They do a different genre every spring that they offer the fiction course, and I’m quite glad that my ship has come in, here. This is quite possibly the best genre that I could possibly be “stuck with,” better than the mystery novel which they did last spring. I’ve heard horror stories about this professor as well, but I’m confident that he will treat us differently because we are advanced students and not 200 students (all the terrible things they talked about sound like things a beginning student would complain about).

This level of playwriting focuses on the revision process, particularly through the use of staged readings and dramaturgical feedback. Whenever possible, a workshop structure will be employed to simulate the participatory elements inherent in play development.

This will be my favorite class with my favorite professor. I had an opportunity to only travel to campus three days a week (about a 45 minute drive). Because of this class alone I am going to campus five days a week. Why? Because Brad is the greatest man that has ever lived. Any man who coins the phrase, “you’re making penises out of rock formations” is a guy that you want to have a class with, though.

So what are you guys doing next semester? I hope that I did this late enough in the game (I picked all my classes in late October, and I thought that would be a touch early). If you’re graduating, please gloat here.

That sounds fun, for an English class anyway :cool:

I’m taking physics, chemistry, and precalc for my chemical engineering major. I switched from journalism/poli sci, so I’m behind on all my “real” classes :stuck_out_tongue:

Molecular & Cell Biology, Genetic Biology, Biochemistry, Sociology, and Canadian Short Stories

My winter courses are basically the same as my fall courses because they’re non-semestered. I have Political Science, Chemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Calculus. My favourite is by far Biology and my least is by far Political Science, which I need to pick up the pace in.

I want to take courses during the summer, too. I don’t know what else I’m gonna do for four months.

In the Spring I’ll be taking a public law class (last class for my major) and then a criminal justice theory class and some other criminal justice class for my minor. After that I’ll finally be fucking done.

Get a job you bum! Look into getting in a lab.

Taking 1 summer class is pretty mellow. Man I loved taking summer classes it was so awesome. I loved my undergrad…

I’m definitely taking a break this summer (For me, that’s right now). Once I finish doing that other Final and handing a huge ass latinoamerican literature paper halfway through december, I’m taking a much deserved break until hell starts back come March.

Oh man, next year is going to be murder.

2GDP402 - Mathematics and Geometry for Computer Games
Very simple maths and mechanics, with a little bit of calculus thrown in.

2GDP404 - 3D Games Modelling
Basic modelling and texturing techniques.

2COS402 - Introduction to Computer Programming
Beginning C++ programming

2GDP403 - Introduction to Games Development
Focuses on the processes of games development.

I don’t actually start my 2nd semester until February.

Physics 30 AP
English 30 AP
Chemistry 30 AP (half course composed entirely of AP topics, because there’s so goddamn much you need to know for the AP exam. (*’-’) )

I have 1.5 spare blocks, so I’ll probably end up unofficially doing Design Studies 30 as well during those spare periods (use AutoCAD to design houses).

I’m sick of literary-criticism type classes, so this is how I’ll spend my last undergraduate semester.

Contemporary Poetry – The last fifty years in English poetry: Sylvia Plath, Jack Spicer, Amiri Baraka, Elizabeth Bishop, Gwendolyn Brooks, James Merrill, Derek Walcott, John Ashbery, Lyn Hejinian, and Franz Wright.

The Canterbury Tales – A semester dedicated to reading and analyzing them.

e.e. cummings – His poetry, plays, novels and criticism.

Building Tokyo – A study of Tokyo since 1868, which includes a free week-long trip to Japan. This will be a highlight of going to college.

Pols4020- Political Theory to Machiavelli
Psyc2990- Research Analysis in Psychology
Psyc4200- Social Psychology
Psyc4800- Special Problems in Psychology (Research)

I’m also running a few studies next semester, so my schedule will end up being pretty busy despite a seemingly light course load.

Yeah, I’d only be taking two classes at the most. I’ve taken summer classes in HS and it’s not the same but yes it’s very mellow and I loved it.

Labs! I’d just be doing bitchwork at my stage, but I guess I have to start somewhere.

Weight Training
Concepts of Personal Fitness
Political Science 101
English 102
Sociology 101

Just a buncha lame stuff. Although I think I picked out some pretty good teachers.

Chemistry 12

Physics 12

I don’t know how to spell my 3rd class, but in plain terms it’s Exercise Science 12. When I first heard the course name I thought they had said Gyneceology or something, which I guess I was happy yet disappointed not to get.

Calculus 12

Psych 101
Philosophy 101
Spanish 202
Theatre Management
Foundations (writing intensive course to prep us for the next three years)

I feel silly posting highschool classes…

Cultural Foods (is awesome)
AP Lit/Comp
Adv. Weight Training
AP Government and Politics (CI)

I’m going to start formally learning Shaolin Chuan for real, sometime soon, so I guess that counts. In school, I have no idea what the hell is going to happen with my schedule. I’m a junior taking entirely senior or college classes; the thing is some sort of etheral house of cards, more shadow than substance. If one of the classes changes the period it happens in, the whole thing falls apart. Literally. If any one class is moved, every single other class is fucked up.

You’re just in AP classes, and there aren’t nearly as many of those offered as there are normal classes. It’s a lot more difficult to create an ap schedule than a whatever schedule.

Writers in Print/Person (one week block class)
Psychology (natural science requirement)
Views from the Third World (Gen Ed)
Personal Finances (Gen Ed)
University Chorus (you can take it for credit)

By fall '07 I’ll have all my gen ed requirements out of the way. It’ll be a blast choosing classes.

Calculus, Calculus, and more Calculus.

And if that is not enough I might take some Introduction to Japanese as well.(though I’m gatting alot of pressure to learn Spainish instead.)