Wintems.exe and Hldrr.exe

Fuck the ice cubes, I need a glacier here.

So it has come to my attention that my machine happens to have more viral infections than James Bond probably has venereal diseases. AVG has failed me. He shall be dealt with.

I’m desperate to avoid a reformat and go through the hassle of re-configuring all my shit, not to mention I don’t think I have enough backup room for all my wholly legally acquired software and recreational videos of unclothed ladies.

So far the extermination fares well, but there’s these two fuckers I can’t get rid of: Wintems.exe and Hldrr.exe

Someone apparently has had the same issue and made a very precise account of the problem. This is exactly what happened to me, I can even recognize the filenames

So far my web search has brought to my attention that, whatever the fuck these are, they’re bad. I’m looking for tips on how to fix these on my own, but if any of you ever encountered this problem, please tell me what the heck to do before I cause my machine to self destruct.

EDIT: I found about Gmer. Can’t run the thing, every time I click on it I get an error saying “C:/Windows/Gmer.dll The system couldn’t find the specified file”.

I’m not very good with this stuff, but you have tried HiJackThis, right?

You’re running scans and shit in safe mode right?

Actually, the fuckers not only disabled most scanning programs, they also made it impossible to boot in safe mode normally.

I fixed it already though. Once I managed to force the thing into safe mode, it was just a matter of rooting out all the different files. Though since the virus itself had several components and felt like copying executables all over the goddamn place, it took me about an hour to get all of them.