So let’s say I have plans to get totally wrecked on new year’s eve and wine is my weapon of choice, but I know nothing about what’s good or not.

Anyone want to give me a crash course or recommend good types or brands? I might even appreciate it.

Here is some wine that you should try Kressmann French table wine 11.5% or Sawmill Creek Autumn Blush wine 10.5%. If you want to get totally wrecked don’t have wine try some Smirnoff fire or some Bacardi. Or just go insane with Vodka and Pepsi.


Wine has a sort of inflated reputation in our day and age. Don’t forget that wine was one of the earliest alcoholic vehicles of choice for a number of civilizations, and you can bet they didn’t approach it with the same high-brow ethic common in the modern world. You can find a fine bottle of wine at your local store for nine or ten dollars. But you can also find a pretty bad bottle of wine for the same price. My favorite wines I’ve ever had tend to be red wines from Italy that have a nice sweet taste. I guess I’m not the one to recommend brands or anything, however. I prefer whiskey.

I normally do drink rum. I didn’t ask for suggestions for rum though. I already know all about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the $10 stuff is all I’m going for. I’m not high-brow about drinking at all. I just want something cheap, effective, and tasty enough to drink a lot of.

You’re trying to get drunk on wine? Why not cheap vodka + coke or something? It’ll get the job done at way less cost, and you won’t need to drink as much.

Vodka is repulsive. I know it’s effective and it takes less, but when it comes to getting quantities of alcohol down, Vodka doesn’t do it for me. I can drink wine for hours. Finishing 6oz of Vodka is a good night for me. (Not getting-drunk-wise, just the fact that I endured it :P)

I’d recommend Salmiakki Koskenkorva Vodka, but that stuff ain’t available there. As for wine…

The Italian Campolieti Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso from Luigi Righetti was a pretty good one to down back then.

Although I would remind you that reds give you one “#%”#% hangover.

Me? Previously mentioned Koskenkorva stuff (Actually, check your licquor store just in case.) and a bottle of sparkly along with a few bottles of the local mud. (Beer.)

I hear red wine is excellent. I’ll let you know after New Years if you don’t try it.

I probably will try it. Everyone so far has told me to go red.

My only problem is that the local liquor store has rows and rows of exotic-named grog from around the world and I don’t have the patience to sort through it all. My plan is to go with any red I find from Italy or California, but I’m also gonna look for Maba’s stuff (even if it is Vodka) because I know Scandinavia is a place of quality.

Haha, sorry Maba, according to the LCBO the only Finnish vodka they stock is Strom, and no stores in London have it right now.

No seriously though getting drunk on wine?
I can’t hold alcohol for shit and i don’t even get anything from a bottle of it =\

Cut the tough boy routine Steve. You’re probably smashed on half a bottle of vex.

Liquor is nice because you can taste what you’re getting into as you drink it. You can check yourself with shots and all that. Wine, you stop tasting after a few minutes, drink half a bottle, and throw up.

I’ve never been smashed tyvm

Go with red wine, but try mixing orange juice and polar ice. Mixing is probably the best choice your going to make in your life. Also dosen’t red wine help prevent some kind of disease?

Cancer or something. But everything makes that claim nowadays. There is some island near Italy where people drink wine all their lives and live for a very long time though. I forget what it’s called.

NO!! NO!!! BAD!!! Ugh!!! Me and my friends used to drink Polar Ice very frequently… fun times but BAD vodka. Holy shit.

And Mixing sucks, too. Too much sugar, makes you feel sick, especially if you’re drinking to get drunk.

oh… yeah… wine. Sorry, Hades, haven’t drank much wine.


How… fitting.

Yes RPT. An Island near Italy. Called France.

You can buy $2 bottles of wine. Buy that - you won’t be able to taste the difference anyway, especially when you’re drunk. Trader Joe’s sells Charles Shaw for $2 a bottle, which is a very nice label for the price. If you buy anything more than a $5 bottle to get drunk on, you’re wasting your money. More expensive wines are for tasting and using with meals - not for drinking on their own.

Go for the red wines, but avoid Shiraz - it’s a very strong tasting wine, and will probably make you vomit if you get drunk on it. Also, don’t chug the wine - sip it very slowly and take your time to get hammered. Wine has a strong bitter taste and you’ll vomit if you drink it too fast, especially once you’re drunk.

And unfortunately, wine tends to cause terrible hangovers if you get drunk on it, but staying hydrated helps prevent that. Around a glass or two of water for every glass of wine you drink is good, but expect to be peeing a lot. Take some painkillers in the morning and drink more water if you do get a hangover.

Oh yeah, and share - no one likes a greedy wino. =P