Wine question

So I’m trying to get SimCity 4 to run in Linux, and the easy answer is to use wine. Well, I did something stupid; I tried to change the default location of the C drive in wine. Now, it has all kinds of issues. Does anyone know what the default location is so that I can go back to that?

If I’m not mistaken it’s ~/.wine/drive_c. It’s likely than an app named “winecfg” came bundled with your package, though, so you might want to try to use that to change the drive’s location.

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Yeah, I used winecfg to change it in the first place. This worked, so thanks for the help.

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Okay, new question; it’s working properly and all (was able to run UT2004 pretty well), but now I’m trying to install Starcraft and it keeps asking for the disc. I could no-cd crack it, but I have no idea where the hell wine installs programs to in the file system. Could someone help me find that?

That depends on your configuration; however, you can use locate to search your system for the game. Run “updatedb; locate “Starcraft.exe”” and it should tell you where it is.

Be warned, though: wine fails at running nocd cracks from time to time, so even if it runs Starcraft flawlessly it might fail to initiate the cracked exe. Good luck, though =/

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